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11000 Foundations of Personal Branding

Why should you care about your Personal Brand? Research shows that people make their mind up about you in the in the first few seconds that they meet you – whether it’s online or in person. It’s the way we are hardwired as human beings. It’s a survival instinct. So, if you make a favorable impression and people like what they see about you, then they will continue to engage with you. However if you make an unfavorable impression, then people will dismiss you. Why is this important? Well simple put - if you want your career to advance then it’s increasingly critical to have a clearly defined personal brand. The Foundations Bundle consists of 4 modules and teaches you the fundamentals of developing an authentic and consistent Personal Brand.

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113 DISPLAY: Part 3 of the Three Ds of Personal Branding

The final course in the trilogy of Decide, Declare and Display is Display. Having done the prior course modules of Decide and Declare, you already know who you are, and you know how to communicate that to others. Now you'll see how to let your unique identity – and what you have to offer – shine through in every email, status update, and tweet you share. By the end of this module you will: Leverage existing relationships at LinkedIn to create new connections Use Facebook to promote your Personal Brand to your personal and professional connections Promote your Personal Brand via Twitter Take advantage of your personal website as a place where you can speak freely online Stay connected to topics and conversations you care about through Google Alerts Keep your Personal Brand at the heart of every communication you send

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112 DECLARE: Part 2 of the Three Ds of Personal Branding

The next course in the trilogy of Decide, Declare and Display is Declare. Once you've figured out what you want, it's time to start taking steps to make it happen. You'll do that in this course by creating and refining your Personal Brand statement as the basis for your Branded Bio, Cover Letter, Resume, and Elevator Pitch. By the end of this module you will: Have a Personal Brand statement that succinctly describes the unique value you offer Develop a Branded Bio that builds on your Personal Brand statement Develop a Branded Cover Letter Write a Branded Resume that shows how you have used your skills to benefit others Create an Elevator Pitch that you can use in nearly any situation to demonstrate your value and worth

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111 DECIDE: Part 1 of the Three Ds of Personal Branding

This Course module is the first of the Three D's of The First Few Seconds' modules on Personal Branding. It follows from the Course module 'Introduction to Personal Branding'. This is your starting point, the place where you define precisely who you are and what you want to get out of your life and career. Whether someone else got the job you were going for; or your competitor got that sale; or you just want to improve yourself, the Decide course will set you on the path to success. Both the content in this course and the self-paced exercises that go along with it will help you decide on what you want – and show you how to get it. At the completion of this module you will be able to: Identify clues in your past that shed light on your strengths and weaknesses today Define the values you want to live Align your behavior with those values Understand how your self-perception might be at odds with how others perceive you Ensure that others see you the way you want to be seen Define what success looks like for you

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110 Introduction to Personal Branding

This important and foundational course will help to set the stage and allow you to understand the rest of The First Few Seconds' bundle of offerings. The content in the four courses and the self-paced exercises ensure you integrate what you learn are practical and worthwhile. By the end of this Course you will: Be able to define Personal Branding Understand why Personal Branding matters to you Appreciate the role of sincerity and honesty in Personal Branding Grasp the importance of aligning your words and actions with your authentic Personal Brand Identify the ways you can begin building your Personal Brand

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