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Otto Cycle Analysis 
Author: Gordan Feric
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CEU credits: 1
Keywords: Otto Cycle

The ideal cycle for a simple gasoline engine is the Otto Cycle.In this course material, the open, simple Otto Cycle used for stationary power generation is considered.

The Otto Cycle thermal efficiency is presented only for the air as the working fluid.The thermal efficiency derivation is presented with a simple mathematical approach.The Otto Cycle is presented in the p - V and T - s diagrams and its major performance trends (thermal efficiency and power output) are plotted in a few figures as a function of compression ratio, combustor outlet temperature and some fixed cylinder geometry.It should be noted that this online course does not deal with costs (capital, operational or maintenance).

In this course material, the student gets familiar with the Otto Cycle, its components, p - V and T - s diagrams, operation and major performance trends.

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