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Aerial Work Platforms 
Author: Convergence Training
Category: Online Health Training > Health and Safety
CEU credits: N/A
Keywords: Safety, Platforms, Work, Aerial, support, rails, Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs, Elevating, device, Mechanical, AWP, Ladders, Extensible, Boom, Vertical, Articulating, Tower

Aerial work platforms provide a temporary workspace as an alternative to ladders or scaffolding. They can be used to perform inspection, maintenance or repairs. The actual platform can be a large railed platform or an enclosed insulated basket. In either case, it should support the worker and any necessary equipment. This module describes different types of aerial work platforms and how to operate them safely.

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Table of Contents:

-Overview and Description
-Equipment Requirements
-Work Rules
-Aerial Platform Hazards
-Lesson Completed
-Knowledge Test


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