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Bloodborne Pathogens 
Author: Convergence Training
Category: Online Health Training > Health and Safety
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Keywords: Health, Safety, Bloodborne, Pathogens, Contamination, Disease, HIV, Infection, Germ, Hepatitis, OSHA

Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms carried by the blood that cause disease in people.   These viruses or bacteria can cause illness, injury to the body and even death.
Because of the danger posed by bloodborne pathogens, the government regulatory agency known as OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has issued safety rules known as the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard to help increase awareness and prevent the spread of disease.

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Table of Contents:

-Hepatitis B
-Human Immunodeficiency Virus
-Common Methods of Transmission
-Progress Review
-Risks of Exposure in the Work Area
-Methods of Prevention
-Preventive Housekeeping and Work Practices
-Proper Hygiene
-Waste Disposal
-Use of Protective Barriers
-What to Do If Exposed
-Lesson Completed
-Knowledge Test


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