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Personal Protective Equipment 
Author: Convergence Training
Category: Online Health Training > Health and Safety
CEU credits: N/A
Keywords: protective, equipment, clothing, helmets, goggles, Gloves, Chemical, respiratory, Protection, protect, Ear plugs, Ear muffs, Hearing, eye, face, PPE, SCBA, ANSI standards, foot, body, Hand, OSHA

Every day, someone decides to give up their sight, hearing, fingers, toes, or worse to save a few seconds of effort. Sure it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, but properly using personal protective equipment (PPE) sure is better than many unfortunate alternatives. Use this computer-based training module to educate yourself and your team on head protection, eye and face protection, hand protection, foot protection, respiratory protection, and hearing protection.

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Table of Contents:

-Head Protection
-Eye and Face Protection Overview
-Eye Protection
-Face Protection
-Hand Protection
-Foot Protection
-Respiratory Protection
-Hearing Protection
-Body Protection
-Lesson Completed
-Knowledge Test


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