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Home - Marketplace - Health - Other - Introduction to The Electronic Health Record for Allied Health SK
Introduction to The Electronic Health Record for Allied Health SK 
Author: Support
Category: Online Health Training > Other
CEU credits: N/A
Keywords: EHR PHR Health Information Technology CE

The Electronic Record is now ubiquitous in the medical office and hospital.  This course focuses on training the Allied Health  student for the modern medical office and workflow experience of EHR/EMR/PHR, HIPAA, Nomenclature and automated billing essentials.  The course is typically offered with online access to the training EHR, CareData Solutions, dedicated to transformation through education in Health IT.  Each module is fllowed by a 25 question assessment designed to keep the independent learner on-track to success with the integrated Coggno quiz review tools.

Table of Contents:

Module 1 = Intro
Module 2-6 = Didactic content and NHA CEHRS exam preparation
Module 8 = CareData Solutions training side-by-side to the EHR
Module 9 = GE Centricity


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