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Home - Marketplace - Legal/Law - Continuing Legal Education - Child Support Guidelines: 2010 Update for Tennessee Attorneys
Child Support Guidelines: 2010 Update for Tennessee Attorneys 
Author: Tennessee Attorneys Memo
Category: Online Legal/Law Training > Continuing Legal Education
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Keywords: TAM, Tennessee Attorneys Memo, CLE, Legal, law, attorney, child support, guidelines

Earn 1 hour of CLE credit with Barbara Broersma, assistant general counsel of the Tennessee Department of Human Services, the agency that oversees child support in Tennessee. During this 60-minute course, your speaker will present valuable updates on Tennessee's child support guidelines, touching on topics such as the purpose and history of Tennessee's guidelines, child support assumptions, willful or voluntary unemployment or underemployment, and much more.


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Table of Contents:

In just 1 hour, your speaker will discuss:

• history of Tennessee's guidelines

• assumptions

• unemployment/underemployment

• imputing income

• parenting time adjustment

• and much more!


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