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Beyond Bullet Points 101

Author: Cliff Atkinson

Category: Online Management/Leadership Training > Management

Transform your presentations with Beyond Bullet Points 101! This online training course will take you step-by-step through the process of creating an outstanding presentation beyond bullet points -- and help you to build your own personal presentation along the way. With this training program, yo...

Keywords: presentations, PowerPoint, BBP, Beyond Bullet Point, leadership in the workplace

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Table of Contents:

Click the Start button below for a free preview of the full Preview module

Modules include:

•Previewing the Route You'll Take with BBP (Running time 12 mimutes 48 seconds)

•Module 1: Comparing Two PowerPoint Routes, and Two Outcomes (26:55)

•Module 2: Igniting Your Ideas by Sparking Emotion (36:53)

•Module 3: Revving Your Intellectual Engine by Prioritizing Your Ideas (31:25)

•Module 4: Shifting from Words to Pictures by Setting Up your Storyboard (47:29)

•Module 5: Stepping on the Gas by Quickly Adding Graphics (26:56)

•Module 6: Crossing the Finish Line with Engaging Delivery (24:33)

Each module features narration, examples, downloads, and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge.

Total Course Running Time: 207 minutes (3 hours 27 minutes)


37 0 5 7
Ray Barros Ray Barros said:

I like the course organisation and delivery. Each section had a roadmap and summaries were provided at critical junctions.

But, more important, I found the content extremely useful.

posted over 1 year ago
Tammy King Tammy King said:
posted over 2 years ago
Becky Wright Becky Wright said:

Loved this course. It has really opened my eyes to a new way of communicating concepts to our organization. I will definitely be sharing what I have learned with others.

posted over 2 years ago
Edward Engel Edward Engel said:

I enjoyed the course. With that said, I would offer two opportunities for improvement. First, offer a small sample of real-world presentations for our review that would show BBB's value in addressing a variety of needs. For example, what an effective, highly-technical BBB presentation look like? I'd also make the quizzes more difficult.

posted about 3 years ago
Aaron Silverman Aaron Silverman said:

The Beyond Bullet Points 101 online course from helped me to learn a whole new style of effective communicating. I loved how easy it was to learn at my own pace and to use the downloadable templates for making my own presentation

posted almost 4 years ago
Karen Luyendyk Karen Luyendyk said:

Loved the chunking in 3's concept and plan to use it for all kinds of things including delivery of workshops. I prepared a webinar of my own during the course from my own workload and am quite pleased with the results. I have encouraged my colleague to sign up as well and I will use this process when assisting others. Problems I had were: not having all of the choices in the BBP formatter that we downloaded. I only got the 3 gray choices and non of the others. In my organization there is a 'prescribed' template for all presentation slides so not sure if I'll be able to benefit from the automatic transformation from story board to slides – but I'll keep working on it.

posted over 4 years ago
Ann Barton Ann Barton said:

Loved this course. The structure of the course and recommended approach to build the story was fabulous. Our Manager recently found this course and 3 of us enrolled. All have found it very beneficial as we continue to grow our new Training Department. Thx!

posted over 5 years ago
Included Modules:
  • 21533

    Previewing the Route You'll Take with BBP Beyond Bullet Points - The better way to use PowerPoint Total module running time 12:48 Section 1: First, write a solid outline You’ll use a classic outline structure Your BBP outline will include story elements Your BBP outline will clearly identify your most important points ... more

  • 21524

    Module 1: Comparing Two PowerPoint Routes Total module running time 26:55 Section 1: The conventional route to boredom What do we all do when we need to create presentations? Look to the research about the mind Understand three research principles How does the conventional approach measure up? Quiz Section 2: The B... more

  • 21531

    Module 2: Igniting Your Ideas by Sparking Emotion Total module running time 36:53 Section 1: Ignite the flame of story Even if you have lots of facts, you still have to appeal to emotion Because people are distracted, you have to clear out a space in their minds Act I will help you appeal to emotion and clear a space in your audienc... more

  • 21537

    Module 3: Revving Your Intellectual Engine by Prioritizing Total module running time 31:25 Section 1: Build the rock-solid foundation of priority The minds of your audience need your ideas to be presented in a particular way Your audience needs your ideas to be presented in prioritized chunks Act II helps you chunk and prioritize your ideas ... more

  • 21540

    Module 4: Shifting from Words to Pictures with a Storyboard Total module running time 47:29 Section 1: Add a motif to make your graphics easier A motif makes your story easier to understand A motif ties your story template together into a seamless experience A motif accelerates your graphics production process Quiz Section 2: Turn a st... more

  • 21544

    Module 5: Stepping on the Gas by Quickly Adding Graphics Total module running time 26:56 Section 1: Review your graphics options Know the three ground rules for adding graphics Review the places you can get graphics Review how to insert graphics Review some graphics rules of thumb Quiz Section 2: Add graphics with less than 2 hou... more

  • 21545

    Module 6: Crossing the Finish Line with Engaging Delivery Total module running time 24:33 Section 1: Use your slides as visual prompts Review how your slides work for you Review how your slides work for your audience Review how your slides can open up dialogue Adapt the way you use your slides to different delivery formats Quiz Se... more

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