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Author: Portland Bible College
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Basic Doctrine Course - Part 1 [Th103] 
Author: Portland Bible College
Category: Online Religion Training > Christian
CEU credits: N/A
Keywords: Bible, Religion, Christian, Doctrine

The first half of the Basic Doctrine Course at Portland Bible College addresses many of the most essential truths including: the sources of doctrine; who can know God; how was the Bible written; how do we know God exists; what is the purpose of man; who are the angels; and what power does Satan and his demons have?

It's virtually impossible to experience a meaningful and thriving Christian life without understanding the fundamental beliefs of the faith.  This course will help the believer better understand not only the "what" of Christian faith, but also the "why".  As a result, your knowledge of God and His ways will be significantly enlarged.  This course provides a concise and systematic understanding of the importance of those beliefs.  Over the years, Basic Doctrine has proven to be the course students most frequently say they have referred to and used time and time again, more than any other course. While unquestionably demanding, the rewards that you will enjoy as a result of taking this course will last a lifetime. 


Group Use: If you are interested in facilitating this course for a group, there are group licensing options available, that are provided for $10 per student in attendance. The group option provides a Syllabus that includes discussion questions, book recommendations and homework assignments. This is so you, as a Leader in your church, can facilitate interaction with the lectures at a deeper level and even provide a "grade" for your students.

Copyright:  All courses are the intellectual property of Portland Bible College. They are sold for private, noncommercial use only. Any copying or public presentation of part or all of the courses without express written permission from Portland Bible College is a violation of federal law. If you or your organizations wish to present all or part of a lecture publicly or to any group of people regardless of size, there are Group Licensing options available. Please contact Sarah Nashif-Tan by phone at 503.255.3540 or email at detailing the specific intended use and the number of people to whom the material will be shown.

Portland Bible College is an educational ministry of City Bible Church committed to the formation of Servant-Leaders for local churches and societies throughout the world. PBC has a reputation for not only training your mind, but also speaking to your spirit. Now these courses, which have helped thousands of pastors, church staff, marketplace leaders and committed believers achieve greater success in their churches, ministries and personal lives; is available to people anywhere in the world. This course can be offered for college credit by visiting

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Table of Contents:

The 66 lectures of been broken up into two sections for your convenience. This section includes:

Lectures 1-3: Intro to Doctrine

Lectures 4-5: Doctrine of Revelation

Lectures 6-8: Doctrine of Inspiration

Lectures 9-14: Doctrine of God

Lectures 15-16: Doctrine of Holy Spirit

Lectures 17-19: Doctrine of Angels

Lectures 20-28: Doctrine of Satan

Lectures 29-30: Doctrine of Man

Lectures 31-34: Doctrine of Sin


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Included Packages:
10568 L01 -Introduction
10569 L02 - Introduction
10570 L03 - Introduction
10571 L04 - Revelation
10572 L05 - Revelation
51829 L06 - Revelation
10573 L07 - Inspiration
10574 L08 - Inspiration
10575 L09 - Inspiration
This is a free lecture made available from the course Basic Doctrine I Course [Th103]
10576 L10 - Inspiration
10577 L11 - God
10578 L12 - God
10580 L13 - God
10581 L14 - God
10582 L15 - God
49752 L16 - God
10583 L17 - Holy Spirit
10584 L18 - Holy Spirit
10585 L19 - Angels
10586 L20 - Angels
10587 L21 - Angels
10588 L22 - Satan & Demonology
10589 L23 - Satan & Demonology
10592 L24 - Satan & Demonology
10594 L25 - Satan & Demonolgy
10689 L26 - Satan & Demonology
10596 L27 - Man
10597 L28 - Man
10598 L29 - Man
10599 L30 - Sin
10600 L31 - Sin
10602 L32 - Sin
10604 L33 - Sin
52160 L34 - Sin


Introduction Student Notes

Download Student Notes for Lectures 01-03

674.57 KB
Doctrine of God Student Notes

Download Student Notes for Lectures 11-16

801.41 KB
Doctrine of Inspiration Student Notes

Download Student Notes for Lectures 07-10

758.73 KB
Doctrine of Revelation Student Notes

Download Student Notes for Lectures 4-6

621.72 KB
Doctrine of Holy Spirit Student Notes

Download Student Notes for Lectures 17-18

634.77 KB
Doctrine of Angels Student Notes

Download Student Notes for Lectures 19-21

691.61 KB
Doctrine of Satan and Demonology Student Notes

Download Student Notes for Lectures 22-26

831.26 KB
Doctrine of Man Student Notes

Download Student Notes for Lectures 27-29

710.85 KB
Doctrine of Sin Student Notes

Download Student Notes for Lectures 30-34

803.78 KB
Basic Doctrine Audit Syllabus

Download Audit Course Syllabus for Basic Doctrine - Part I

63.87 KB