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Crystal Healing Training Course

Author: Cara E. Moore

Category: Online Religion Training > Spiritual

Using crystals for healing and strengthening the Chakra Systems, includes use of the pendulum, crystal grids, crystal essences and meditations with crystals.

Keywords: crystal healing, crystals, chakra system

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Table of Contents:

Lesson 1 History of Using Crystals to Heal
Lesson 2 Pendulum Use, Crystal Grids
Lesson 3 Crystal Uses
Lesson 4 Identifying Stones
Lesson 5 Therapy Room Setup, Making Crystal Essences
Final Exam for Crystal Healing Training Course

Included Modules:
  • 12074

    Lesson 1 History of Using Crystals to Heal Crystal Healing is an ancient method of healing used by both the Egyptians and Celts. The stones are prepared for healing by cleansing and charging them. Then the stones are dedicated for this purpose. The Chakra system is the energy centres of the body. Crystals balance this system and address a... more

  • 12075

    Lesson 2 Pendulum Use, Crystal Grids A pendulum is used to check energy centres for blockages and to unblock these centres. Crystals placed in grid around the body help to focus energy in a healing pattern.

  • 12076

    Lesson 3 Crystal Uses Different crystals have different energy patterns and uses. This lesson focuses on which crystals to use for various conditions.

  • 12077

    Lesson 4 Identifying Stones Identifying stones is an important part of Crystal Healing. Knowing about each crystals properties help to individualize treatments.

  • 12078

    Lesson 5 Therapy Room Setup, Making Crystal Essences Setting up a therapy room for crystal healing treatments includes a therapy table, relaxing music and aromatherapy. Crystal essences can be made to supplement the crystal healing session. Public liability insurance is required when dealing with the public. A batch diary is needed to keep track ... more

  • 12042

    Crystal Healing Training Course Final Exam Final Exam for the Crystal Healing Training Course. An 80% pass rate is needed to receive the completion certificate.

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  • Spiritual Workers Association

    Important information on practitioner insurance, free registration on database, useful resource.

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  • Amethyst Wallpaper for Computer

    Amethyst Wallpaper for Computer

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  • Crystal Healing Course Brochure

    This brochure outlines the curriculum for the Crystal Healing Training Course and includes a list of crystal uses for various conditions.

  • 309.76 KB
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  • Crystal Arts And Health Website

    Website for Crystal Arts And Health for Holistic Wellbeing for Auric And Physical Body.

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  • Pendulum Supplement

    Chart on how to use a pendulum

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