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Wisconsin Class A/B UST Operator Training


Category: Online Underground Storage Tanks Training > Class A-B

Hello Wisconsin Class A/B UST operators! Our self-paced course is now online and approved by the State of Wisconsin. Overview: Wisconsin Class A/B UST operator training course is a great way to meet the training requirements while learning everything you need to know to be an effective UST...

Keywords: Class A/B

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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 2. UST Operator Certification 3. Basic UST Technology 4. Release Detection 5. Release Response 6.Spill Containment 7. Overfill Prevention 8. Corrosion Protection 9. Required Paperwork 10. Your Operation and Maintenance Plan


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mike czura mike czura said:


posted 10 days ago
Roger  Romens Roger Romens said:
posted 4 months ago
posted 4 months ago
Deborah Sohr Deborah Sohr said:
posted 4 months ago
David Froeber David Froeber said:
posted 6 months ago
Victor Schneider Victor Schneider said:
posted 6 months ago
Joanne Spencer Joanne Spencer said:

The online guide was hard for me to follow. I do tend to lose focus easy though. I didn't print off the study guide, which would have help me out. I just winged it.

posted 9 months ago
Tom Overby Tom Overby said:

Very informative and easy to follow. Highly recommend this training!

posted 10 months ago
Starla Schwingle Starla Schwingle said:

It was more harder than I thought but very informational.

posted 10 months ago
Stephanie Hoff Stephanie Hoff said:
posted 11 months ago
posted 12 months ago

The Study guide could be a bit more understandable. I missed a few cause the study guide was worded different. Otherwise went smoothly.

posted about 1 year ago
Todd Hoffman Todd Hoffman said:
posted about 1 year ago
Randy Reigle Randy Reigle said:
posted about 1 year ago
Kevin Finn Kevin Finn said:
posted over 1 year ago
Joshua Solorio Joshua Solorio said:

Very informative. A lot of "check all that apply" questions made it a little difficult.

posted over 1 year ago
Andy  Monroe Andy Monroe said:

Good information. A lot of "check all that apply" questions made it a little difficult.

posted over 1 year ago
Michael Brunmeier Michael Brunmeier said:
posted almost 2 years ago
Erik Richardson Erik Richardson said:

Very well done course. Felt engaged with the lectures.

posted almost 2 years ago
Thomas Aiken Thomas Aiken said:

I got a couple of answers right per the study guide and it marked them as incorrect!

posted almost 2 years ago
Mitch	 Guerard Mitch Guerard said:
posted almost 2 years ago
Christopher	 Maksimik Christopher Maksimik said:

Great course.

posted almost 2 years ago
Bruce Blair Bruce Blair said:
posted almost 2 years ago
Peter	 Towns Peter Towns said:
posted almost 2 years ago
Jesse Bohman Jesse Bohman said:
posted almost 2 years ago
Alfonso	 Robles Alfonso Robles said:

great information

posted almost 2 years ago
Tyson Miller Tyson Miller said:
posted almost 2 years ago
James Beaupre James Beaupre said:
posted almost 2 years ago
Robert Minelli Robert Minelli said:

I fully appreciated the structure, video quality and overall "natural tone" to it's content delivery. Now…if I can just remember where the heck that gas-nozzle-thingy-thing is…I'll be just dandy. ;-)>

posted almost 2 years ago
Clare Patterson Clare Patterson said:

Overall very good! Much better than some other online courses I recently took. The man speaking actually knows whaat he is saying, not a mere voice actor. Thanks for that.

posted about 2 years ago
David Peck David Peck said:

It was a good self paced program. Lesson 10 of the study guide did not have all the slides listed. There were only 15 of 49 slides.

posted over 2 years ago
Todd Komorowski Todd Komorowski said:

A little hard to understand at times if new to the industry…But very informative .

posted over 2 years ago
delinda quintero delinda quintero said:

it was good if i will ever need it .

posted over 2 years ago
George Sowl George Sowl said:

Good course, easy to follow.

posted over 2 years ago
Brea Sanders Brea Sanders said:
posted over 2 years ago
Victoria Flowers Victoria Flowers said:

Very nice course. Very well laid out, easy to understand and comprehensive.

posted over 2 years ago
Jeannie Zuelsdorff Jeannie Zuelsdorff said:
posted almost 3 years ago
Rich Ducana Rich Ducana said:

very good coarse, I enjoyed it

posted almost 3 years ago
Russell Guptill Russell Guptill said:
posted almost 3 years ago
Steve Renner Steve Renner said:

Straightforward and to the point. I enjoyed the course and being able to take the modules in and out over several days worked around my busy schedule!

posted about 3 years ago
Greg Falkenberg Greg Falkenberg said:

Well laid out training. Modules break things down into much easier pieces to learn.

posted over 3 years ago
John Behrendt John Behrendt said:

John Behrendt

posted over 3 years ago
Richard Ranum Richard Ranum said:

A really great course. Was geared to help take test.

posted over 3 years ago
Kendall Oakason Kendall Oakason said:

Good test, well communicated. Much of what was shown didn't completely apply to our system. yet it was still very informative.

posted about 4 years ago
Susan Felson Susan Felson said:

I used a Surface tablet to take the class and did not have any issues. I would recommend the course.

posted over 4 years ago
Bonnie Rummler Bonnie Rummler said:

It was a good course, covered a lot of material and the templates are very helpful. I did the course on my Surface tablet and I do not recommend it. I had to repeat many chapters because it would start over and you had no choice to skip it. Never figured out what I did to cause it. The course itself I recommend, our company has used it many times.

posted over 4 years ago
Joshua Stacy Joshua Stacy said:

Great coarse! Bonus UST check list forms, I will recommend.

posted almost 5 years ago
scott palubiski scott palubiski said:

I think it was easy to follow and helped me learn our system and the others that are out there.

posted over 5 years ago
Bruce Hill Bruce Hill said:

Good course though some of the questions are misleading

posted almost 7 years ago
David Brost David Brost said:

Good course.Easy to follow and made a person think about how to improve his facilities and record keeping.

posted almost 7 years ago
Barth Zurbuchen Barth Zurbuchen said:

Treat the course as continuing education. Follow the self-paced version with undivided attention, breaking away when an attention interuption competes for your concentration, make notes on the printed slides about anything relevent to your UST app, use your notes when taking the exam in one continuing effort and you will ace the exam. The perfect learning experience.

posted almost 7 years ago
Mike Kennedy Mike Kennedy said:

I work for the US Postal Service but prior to this I use to work for a tank installer. This course was an excellent refresher for me to assume my duties as a CLASS A/B operator.

posted about 7 years ago
Lisa Vanney Lisa Vanney said:

Good course though some of the questions are misleading…i would recommend to others who need it…easy to follow

posted about 7 years ago

Good course, I will Suggest to other also. Thanks, Paul

posted about 7 years ago
Robert Prillwitz Robert Prillwitz said:

Good course, I am a novice in fuel systems at a small airport. Thanks rp

posted about 7 years ago
Hardware and Software Requirements:

All you need is high speed Internet and computer speakers.

Included Modules:
  • 15353

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 1 Introduction Introduction: This lesson provides an overview of the operator training rules and explains the importance of UST compliance. (Time 09:42)

  • 15354

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 2 UST Operator Certification UST Operator Certification: This lesson defines Class A, B and C operators, and answers many common questions about designation, coverage, turnover and documentation. (Time 08:46)

  • 15355

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 3 Basic UST Technology Basic UST Technology: This lesson explains the many parts of a UST system: how to identify them, what they do, and how they all work together to keep fuel out of the environment. (Time 15:48)

  • 15356

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 4.0 Release Detection for Tanks Release Detection for Tanks: This lesson describes the various options of release detection for tanks and explains the operations, problems, records and requirements of each option. (Time 14:43)

  • 15357

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 4.5 Release Detection for Piping Release Detection for Piping: This lesson describes the various options of release detection for piping and explains the operations, problems, records and requirements of each option. Pump types are also explained and identified. (Time 15:11)

  • 15358

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 5 Release Response Release Response: This lesson helps guide operators through how to identify suspected releases and how to respond, as well as explain what to do about actual releases. (Time 09:51)

  • 15359

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 6 Spill Containment Spill Containment: This lesson explains the importance of spill buckets, how they work, how to inspect and clean them, and how to avoid common spill problems. (Time 05:52)

  • 15360

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 7 Overfill Prevention Overfill Prevention: This lesson explains the various overfill equipment options to prevent problems during tank deliveries and offers ideas on how to prevent overfills in the first place. (Time 07:50)

  • 15361

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 8 Corrosion Protection Corrosion Protection: This lesson simplifies corrosion principles and explains the corrosion protection options and includes operations, problems, records and general requirements. (Time 09:28)

  • 15362

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 9 Required Paperwork Required Paperwork: This lesson highlights basic paperwork requirements such as registration, permits, fees, credentialed tank works and pollution insurance. (Time 09:41)

  • 15363

    Wisconsin AB Lesson 10 Your Operation and Maintenance Plan Your Operation and Maintenance Plan: This final lesson ties togther previous lessons and offers ideas to create an Operation and Maintenance Plan to organize inspections and records and avoid enforcement. (Time 12:52)

  • 12067

    Wisconsin AB Final Exam Take the final exam once you've completed your training to receive your state-approved certification. There are 50 questions and you must get a score of 80% or higher to pass.

  • Icon-pdf
  • Search the Wisconsin UST Database

    Before taking our training, make sure you download your facility specific information from the State of Wisconsin UST searchable UST database. That way you can apply the relevant information to your particular UST system and get the most out of your training. It's free!

  • Icon-pdf
  • Wisconsin Class A/B Study Guide

    This document contains everything you need to know to 1) get ready for the training, 2) follow along during the class, 3) prepare for the final exam and 4) have a reference manual for afterwards.

  • 957.55 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • After class, please fill out this brief survey and save 10% on your next purchase

    Please take a few minutes and fill out our course evaluation. We strive to make this the best course in the industry and your input is very important to us. Plus get a coupon code for 10% off your next purchase. Thanks!

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  • Free training after class

    Want to learn more? Watch our popular "Tank Savvy Minute" videos on YouTube. They're quick, easy and practical. And free!

  • Icon-pdf
  • Operator Training Designation

    Please download, print, fill out and submit this form to WI as soon as you pass the certification exam.

  • 177.22 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • Form ERS 10788

    This form must be filled out once a year by a credentialed tank worker and maintained in your records.

  • 858.31 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • New Federal UST Rules that might affect you

    EPA has published new rules in 2015. Please download and review and contact us if you have questions.

  • 420.37 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • Wisconsin Compliance Calendar for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities

    The Wisconsin Small Business Clean Air Assistance Program developed this calendar to help gasoline dispensing facilities comply with environmental requirements related to the transfer of fuel. This calendar will help you meet the requirements for leak detection, inventory and throughput tracking, vapor recovery, and record keeping.

  • Icon-pdf
  • Supplemental Spill Response

    Please review this additional state-specific information.

  • 1.28 MB