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Class C UST Operator Training


Category: Online Underground Storage Tanks Training > Class C

UST's Training's Class C UST Operator Training course is a simple and effective way to learn about UST safety, hazard awareness and emergency response. What you get: Certification as a Class C Operator of an underground storage tank (UST) system. Included are five brief interactive lessons, a ...

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Table of Contents:

1. The Hazards of Petroleum
2. Dispensers
3. Deliveries
4. Emergencies
5. Tank Monitor Alarms


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Michael Willett Michael Willett said:

The layout of the objectives and content were easy to understand. The constant reminders impressed the importance of the topic.

posted 2 months ago
Michael Rhodes Michael Rhodes said:

good class. very informative.

posted about 3 years ago
Garry Golden Garry Golden said:

Class was very helpful and informative, many questions were answered before the tour of the equipment so this kept additional training to a mininum. It might be helpful in going through the transfer prodcedures from truck to tank and from tank to truck so their is more than one person on site who is aware of procedures, especially emergency procedures.

posted over 3 years ago
ranjit grewal ranjit grewal said:

My internet was down now I got it repaired and i will try to go through it

posted over 3 years ago
Masood Choudhury Masood Choudhury said:

Excellent, informative and easy to understand!

posted over 3 years ago
Joe Pyatt Joe Pyatt said:


posted over 3 years ago
Jeff Friedenstab Jeff Friedenstab said:

It would be a great starting point for new employees who have never had any exposure to this type of thing.

posted over 3 years ago
Fred Williamson Fred Williamson said:


posted over 3 years ago
Ricardo Ferreira Ricardo Ferreira said:

Very usefull. Congratulations.

posted over 3 years ago
Fred Harp Fred Harp said:

A user friendly training. thanks

posted over 3 years ago
Hardware and Software Requirements:

All you need is high speed Internet and computer speakers.

Included Packages:
  • 11359

    Class C Training Lesson This brief 25-minute lesson explains everything a Class C UST operator needs to know to identify and respond to alarms, spills and emergencies at a UST facility.

  • Icon-pdf
  • Required State-Specific Worksheet

    This worksheet is required to complete your training. Pick your state from the list, download and print the document, then fill it out with your supervisor.

  • Icon-pdf
  • Printable Posters for Big and Small Spill Response

    Download, print and post these spill posters for big and small spill response at your UST facility. Please check with your company response policy first as some steps may vary.

  • 613.21 KB