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Pennsylvania Class C UST Operator Training 
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What you get: Certification as a Class C Operator of an underground storage tank (UST) system. Included are five brief interactive lessons, a short quiz, useful handouts, and a certificate of completion once you pass the course.


Approval:  Our Class C course meets the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. However, the state does not formally approve third-party vendors. Make sure Class C operators fill out the site-specific worksheet in order to comply. Note: For Class C’s, the PA DEP requires annual “briefing” after the initial training, essentially meaning going over the company’s emergency response procedures in case something’s changed like release detection equipment or a spill response number, which an A/B operator can do in person. Another option is the take our Class C course and fill out the worksheet again.


System Requirements: All you need is high speed Internet and computer speakers.


Multiple Users: If you buy more than one Class C license at a time, select the "Training Place" option when you checkout to easily share training with your co-workers.


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Included Packages:
11359 Class C Training Lesson
This brief 25-minute lesson explains everything a Class C UST operator needs to know to identify and respond to alarms, spills and emergencies at a UST facility.


Printable Posters for Big and Small Spill Response

Download, print and post these spill posters for big and small spill response at your UST facility. Please check with your company response policy first as some steps may vary.

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Required Pennsylvania Facility-Specific Worksheet

This worksheet is required to complete your training. Download and print the document, then fill it out with your supervisor.