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Coggno offers an Affiliate Partner Network, which includes PEOs, HR consulting firms, Business and Membership Associations, and other organizations that provide services and information to their clients and community.

With our unique syndication model, organizations can offer training courses right from their own website, provide an additional service to their customers and a new revenue stream for their business.

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We provide a portable webshop for you with search and e-commerce capablities.

Syndicate Training

A full library of relevant training readily accessible on your website.

Monetization Tracking

Track your sales real-time with us. You can withdraw proceeds at any time by clicking the "Withdraw Funds" link.

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Syndicate or resell courses from the Coggno Marketplace right on your website. Select the courses you wish to offer, and they will automatically reside in a portable webshop we create for you with search and e-commerce capabilities.

Coggno's network of trusted partner websites is your secure online learning and training ecosystem.

As sales are made, the revenue will appear in your accounting tab. Withdraw proceeds at any time with the click of a button, get paid right into your Bank Account.

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