Petroleum Training Solutions

Passionate about reducing the risks to the environment

Petroleum Training Solutions, through its web presence UST Training is one of largest providers of Underground Storage Tank Training in the United States. There are approximately 600,000 regulated underground storage tanks in the US, and the safety, operation and maintenance of these tanks falls to tens of thousands of operators around the country. Started by professionals with years of experience working in and training within the industry, UST Training has become a leader in this environmentally sensitive arena.

When UST Training decided to meet the ever expanding demand of operators that would be requiring this training they chose Coggno as their training delivery and distribution partner.

Central to this decision was Coggno’s abilities to integrate and implement specific requirements that UST needed, as well as provide a common easy interface that operators around the country could maneuver. Specifications around state approved grants that facilitates participation needed to be embedded into the payment processing system, and Coggno was able to meet these requirements

In addition, UST needed the type of response times essential in a community that spans 4 time zones.

UST is delivering thousands of courses throughout the United States to tank operators large and small.

The Coggno platform was selected as the best platform that would best serve its operator community disbursed throughout the country, each with varying levels of technology infrastructure from which to launch the curriculum.

High quality development of specific requirements, ease of use, and responsive collaboration made Coggno a natural partner for UST Training


At a Glance

logo Petroleum Training Solutions

Industry: Petroleum

Location: Wisconsin

Customer Since: December 2010

Use Case: Technical curriculum, ecommerce, disbursed trainees

Why Coggno:

  • Sophisticated Implementation
  • Ease of Use
  • Collaboration towards delivery