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About Coggno

Business is complicated enough already. That’s why we’ve created a powerful eLearning platform to dramatically simplify your training requirements. 

We believe that technology should make life simpler… that innovation’s only powerful if it helps people enjoy their lives more. Most of the time, the process of meeting business requirements seems unnecessarily burdensome. We’re on a mission to change things. 

Life shouldn’t be harder than it has to be. That’s why we created Coggno. Coggno is a powerful online training platform that aggregates all types of online corporate training courses and offers them in-bulk to companies around the country. The Coggno concept is an original industry game-changer. No more long hours searching and calling separate course vendors trying to get all of your employee training requirements met. At Coggno, we’ve built a one stop shop for all your employee training needs. 

Online Training blog

What We Do

Coggno leverages the power of the Internet to facilitate purchasing of online corporate training courses. We’re experts in delivering relevant training and we’re experts in the technology associated with that delivery. Coggno delivers best-in-breed training by serving the collective intellectual property of knowledge communities on our innovative eLearning platform. It’s a whole new world of eLearning resources, aggregated, and at your fingertips for immediate delivery.

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