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The Power of Pause in a Video Learning System

Say you’re playing a video for students as part of a learning system lesson. Sure, everyone may be enjoying the video, but it’s your duty to be strong! Remember: You have concrete goals for this lesson, and you won’t let something like pure, passive enjoyment foil them. Press the pause button. When integrating videos into […]

21st Century Learning System Concerns 2

Teaching 21st century skills is natural and effective for many teachers. Active and dedicated teachers are able to create interactive learning systems that encourage students to think for themselves and work together to achieve goals. But while these teachers and students thrive, there are plenty of educators and students for whom this method will fail. […]

LMS Teamwork Training with a Human Face

In both schools and workplaces, LMSs can aid in the cultivation of teamwork skills. Through an LMS, team members can perform collaborate projects, assigning roles within the team. Team members can brainstorm, plan, do project summaries, maintain logs, and provide a final report using an LMS. Ultimately, however, good teamwork is something that needs to […]

Team-Thinking in a Learning Management System

Organizing teams within corporate divisions and departments on a learning management system is a simple task, but making a team actually work can prove a more difficult one. Although teams seem to be popping up everywhere in the corporate world, they are often teams in name only. One obstacle in using a learning management system […]

Virtual Learning System for Social Behavior

For many children, virtual worlds are their learning system for discovering what social behaviors are appropriate. For this reason, children should be informed about virtual world safety and behavior before playing. Children who navigate these complex virtual learning systems face some real dangers. Organizations like Every Child Matters work to ensure that each child has […]

The Virtual Heroes Healthcare Learning System

The Virtual Heroes Healthcare Learning System

For serious higher education learning, Second Life probably isn’t the ideal virtual world platform. New and innovative “Serious Game” virtual worlds include Virtual Heroes. This RTP-cased serious game company develops simulation and digital game-based learning systems. A recent Virtual Heroes initiative is an interactive healthcare team trainer called 3DiTeams, which has been designed in collaboration […]

Animation Software Learning Systems

One creative way in which virtual worlds can be integrated into a school learning system is the opportunity for students to actually create a virtual world. This month in Winooski, Vermont, about 80 middle school students were introduced to an innovative technological learning system. They were trained how to use animation software to create a […]

A Virtual World Learning System

Virtual “worlds,” for better or worse, are an ever-increasingly popular online learning system worldwide. Although media coverage of virtual worlds like Second Life has been on the decline, a throng of virtual worlds for kids has grown even more popular than their adult counterparts. For example, according to the New York Times, tween world Club […]