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Courseware System Text Format

The way in which you arrange and display the text in your courseware system is another critical element. The key here is unification. It’s important to remain consistent with writing style throughout the courseware system to help users quickly identify ideas and understand context. A unified writing format helps information flow easily and clearly. This […]

Designing a Courseware System Logo, Pt. 2

When designing a logo for your courseware system, you’ll want to first understand the history, nature, definition and function of logos. Your logo is the image embodying your courseware system, representing its content and fostering immediate customer recognition. Logos can be a name (logotype), an icon, sign or emblem (ideograms). Most logos are a combination […]

Cyberbullying and Humiliating Learning Content, Pt. 2

The ability to assume anonymity online is ideal for cyberbullies. In the real world, bullies humiliate their victims face to face. Online, cyberbullies can create temporary email accounts and chat and IM pseudonyms. These identity-masking venues help to free cyberbullies from social restraints on behavior. One problem is that electronic forums and the spaces for […]

Cyberbullying and Humiliating Learning Content, Pt. 1

The explosion of social networking websites and programs has had both positive and negative effects. Perhaps the most widely discussed catch-22 is their power to bring people together online while, some argue, drifting people further apart from their relationships with those around them in real life. While great possibilities for online community-building and the sharing […]

Professor Rating Learning Content Cons

But do these pros outweigh the cons? It’s debatable. There are many arguments against professor evaluation website learning content. One major con is that professors’ privacy is invaded. Of course, professors hold considerable power in the classroom. But outside, they don’t abuse that power by, say, writing about their students’ performances or personalities on websites, […]

Professor Rating Learning Content Pros 1

Websites like RateMyProfessors.com, which provide learning content about over a million professors, have many pros. One is obvious: students are able to access learning content about professors and their style of teaching. In doing so they have a better idea of what they’re getting into before registering for a class. Another is the anonymity of […]

RateMyProfessors.com Learning Content

Besides professor evaluation forms, students have online opportunities to rate their teachers’ style and success at delivering learning content. On RateMyProfessors.com, students can join a conversation or begin their own thread about a favorite or loathed teacher. Stumbling upon this website one day, I punched in my most adored professor’s name and was shocked to […]

Learning Content Guidance

So how can higher education systems work to create better teaching of meaningful learning content? The system’s status quo is so entrenched, it’s going to take a variety of different efforts to effect change. One way in which higher education learning content can be enriched and developed is to concentrate on students’ future career contexts. […]