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“Don’t be the kid who gets kicked out of the sandbox for not playing well with others. Instead, learn to leverage your skills so you shine as one among the group. It’s easier and more rewarding than you think!”

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“Teams win championships when all teammates work well together. The same results are available when co-workers really work together as a team. Offer up all your greatest qualities and see how awesome it is to join forces with others that are working towards your common goal. The rewards are… priceless.” – Coggno

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Perfect Options For Retail Training Home-Grown Employees

LMS Training Teamwork: None of Us is Just Like Any Other

In LMS training programs, oftentimes trainers ask staff members to work in groups to develop ideas, produce reports, and assume different roles within a group to achieve organizational objectives. We’ve all seen the corporate art poster that reads “TEAMWORK” at the top, and at the bottom, the old Japanese proverb: “None of us is as […]

Collaborative Learning Systems: The Wonderful World of Wikis

Wikis are an increasingly useful tool at the center of the collaborative learning trend. The Wikimedia Foundation offers a glimpse into what future learning could look like. Wikimedia is really a collection of learning systems, including Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wiki Books, Wikiquote, WikiNews, Wikisource, Wikispecies, and more. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding the […]

Learning Systems for Peace in U.S. Schools

What exactly does conflict resolution look like for children and teens? The major points of conflict resolution learning systems are active listening, where participants are called on to summarize what each person has said; cooperation between disputants; acceptance of each other’s differences; and creative problem solving, which takes into account each person’s position. The learning […]

Positive Learning Systems for Urban School Clashes

According to ERIC Digest’s Morton Inger, conflict resolution is becoming a major learning system across the U.S. Conflict is especially widespread in urban schools, due to their size, limited resources, and very diverse student body. To deal with the institutional problems caused by school conflict, and to help students and staff handle conflict in a […]

Positive Learning Systems for Urban School Clashes

LMS Conflict Management Course Benefits

What can employees expect to gain from an LMS-hosted course in conflict management? They will acquire the communicative tools needed to prevent and deal with workplace conflicts as they arise. A good LMS course will train employees how to use different strategies for dealing with different kinds of conflict. Employees will also learn how to […]