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Two ways that learning management system courses can enrich content and heighten the provided learning experience is with the incorporation of web 2.0 tools and speech technologies. Web 2.0 tools are ubiquitous and fun, and when used correctly, can increase the amount of interactivity for more effective and exciting learning. […]

Google Voice and Web 2.0 for Learning Management Systems

With less-than-sparkling federal test results making the headlines, the call for public education reform–including better salaries for educators, more federal funding, and the inclusion of more technology such as online course options and LMSs–has become more urgent. Surprisingly, while education should be and typically is a “recession-proof” area of work, […]

Education Reform: LMS and Web 2.0 Tools Could Take Us ...

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When I was growing up, educational concepts like eLearning, virtual classrooms, learning management systems (LMSs), and Web 2.0 integration simply did not exist. We had computer class once a week, and then in our tweens AOL instant messaging  was just becoming all the rage. Technology for educational use wasn’t quite […]

Providing Video Power with Simple-to-Use LMS Video Creation Tool

With more organizations adopting their own learning management system, the traditional style of creating and distributing knowledge is being redefined. Whether it’s corporate training or classroom pedagogy, interactive tools like LMSs and Web 2.0 technologies are seeing an end to the days in which one person dominated the floor and […]

Pocket-Sized Learning Management System Podcasts

The incorporation of Twitter into corporate learning systems hasn’t happened exclusively in media companies like BusinessWeek. Salesforce has recently constructed a CRM application for Twitter. The purpose of the Twitter-response tool is to help companies locate and assist customers who for whatever reason (like bad experiences in the past with […]

Twitter vs. Facebook: The Race for Corporate Learning Systems, Pt. ...

What’s the secret to successfully incorporating Web 2.0 into an organization or learning system? As in any learning system, guidance essential. The most imaginative, productive and efficient methods of Web 2.0 internalization come from the users themselves, but they require some help to scale. As the McKinsey writers tell us, “the transformation […]

Success Factors in Web 2.0 Learning Systems, Pt. 1