Here’s Our Pricing

  • Coggno has training delivery solutions for every use case.

    Deliver training within your organization, always secure and private. Sell your training in our Marketplace and branded web shop and syndicate it around the web, or sell your training in an enterprise environment.

  • Select from Coggno courses to be loaded in your branded Training University and provide your employees with a resource for training.
  • For the exclusive use of companies training internally. Not intended for training organizations or who are reselling their courses/content.
  • Training available for sale
  • Dedicated domain and branded webshop
  • Tools for corporate sales
  • Your clients get LMS Free populated with your training
  • Create coupons & bundle courses
  • Syndicate your training across the web
  • If you have an exclusive audience that you want to sell to, don't want your courses in the Marketplace, but want to use Coggno, we have plans that will work for you. Contact us

Pro Plan for $34.95 per month
The Pro Plan, for $34.95 per month, gives you all the access you’ll need to monetize your curriculum, Including the tools, publishing and support, along with the business and branding tools you need to get your materials and curriculum noticed. In addition, you can syndicate your content throughout the web. The Coggno fee is paid monthly (or can be paid annually). Pro content creators can be paid out via PayPal, or check.

Coggno fees include all the payment processing, here is the breakdown:

For sales from YOUR web shop Coggno retains:
For courses priced up to $37.99: 20% with minimum of $4.50
$38.00 - $49.99 :- $7.50
$50 - $79.98 :- $10.00
Over $79.99 :- 12.5%

If a course is purchased through the Coggno Marketplace or from part of the Coggno Syndication network, or Coggno internal tools, Coggno retains: 40% with minimum of $4.50