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Compliance Surge and Time Savings: Coggno's Custom Training Solutions Fuel a 65% Compliance Uplift and 55% Training Time Reduction at San Jose Construction


Increase in Productivity


increase in HR efficiency


satisfaction rate


increase in project completion rate


reduction in training time

Problem Statement

San Juan Construction is a general contractor with over 130 completed projects globally. The company needed help training employees and managers in human resources. The business needed a solution to deliver essential training without interfering with productivity. Traditional training methods were proving inefficient. Which in turn led to a decrease in overall productivity and effectiveness.


San Juan Construction turned to Coggno for a solution. San Juan used Coggno's practical and efficient Learning Management System (LMS) as a platform to acquire and distribute human resource training to its management and employees.

The online nature of the platform allowed for quick acquisition and deployment of the necessary training. Coggno also ensured that business operations were maintained during the training.


Coggno's LMS allowed San Jose Construction to deliver safety training through a user-friendly online platform. The company's safety experts collaborated with Coggno to develop tailored safety modules that catered to the specific requirements of each construction site.


Increase in Productivity
There was a 65% increase in productivity as managers and staff could access necessary training at their convenience. It led to a better understanding and application of their tasks.
Decrease in Training Time
Using Coggno's LMS resulted in a 55% decrease in training time. The online platform allowed for quick and efficient delivery of training modules.
Increase in HR Efficiency
San Juan saw a 40% increase in HR efficiency with better-trained managers and staff. It resulted in better management and employee relations.
Increase in User Satisfaction
San Juan employees reported a 90% satisfaction rate with the Coggno LMS, citing its convenience and effectiveness.

Result and Impact

San Juan witnessed a substantial 35% reduction in HR-related problems through practical HR training, resulting in a more cohesive and harmonious work environment.

San Juan experienced a 20% rise in project completion rate, attributed to enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Productivity surged by an impressive 65% as managers and staff gained convenient access to essential training, fostering better understanding and application of their tasks.

Utilizing Coggno’s LMS led to a remarkable 55% reduction in training time, thanks to the online platform’s rapid and efficient delivery of training modules.


The Coggno's LMS has proven helpful for San Juan Construction's HR training requirements. The substantial gains in efficiency in productivity, training time, HR, user satisfaction, and project completion rate show how Coggno's LMS can alter corporate training.

San Juan Construction is a case study demonstrating Coggno's competence in offering adaptable, practical, and efficient training solutions to busy, high-performing businesses.
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