LMS Tour - Distribute Privately

Make your curriculum available privately within your Organization, controlling who sees what and when.
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Coggno's GROUPS feature allow to deliver training granularly. Only the members of a specific group will see the curriculum assigned to them.
VIEW REPORTING - Coggno displays the results and outcomes that you collect in your courses, either by integrating with your SCORM generated results or the with Coggno’s own testing tools.

Distribute your Online Training Privately

If you need to deliver online training materials to a select group of people and need an LMS that will deliver, track, record and even test the recipients then you are in the right place. Coggno.com is a powerful learning management system that gives publishers of online training courses (which could consist of textual content, video, flash presentations, SCORM, PDF’s, and a wide variety of other formats) the power to publish, invite attendees and track the progress of the delivery of their materials.

Build your Course in our Learning Management System

To deliver online training courses granularly to your organization simply sign in to the LMS coggno.com and build your online profile. Then using the learning management system you can build your online courses. Coggno.com is a powerful LMS that accepts nearly every format of content delivery. For more information about the variety of media coggno.com accepts view our how coggno.com link. In video format you’ll discover how creative you can be and how your online course can be electrified by the powerful LMS offered by coggno.com.

Invite Trainees to your Online Training Courses

Once your online courses are built in our Learning Management System you can then invite individuals to sign into the coggno.com system and take the course. You can then track the progress of their online training and review the results of the testing in our LMS.

The Flexibility of Coggno.com’s Hosted LMS Platform

The ability to deliver courses to individual invitees allows privacy and the flexibility to modify any online training in our LMS. If you need to make a change on the fly you can do that. Simply log into our LMS Platform and make the appropriate change to our online course. The recipients of the online training will all receive the change without the mass change required if each recipient received a course via email separately.

Deliver, Track and Monitor with our LMS Solution

When doing online course training to a group of people who telecommute it can be very challenging to monitor their training and testing. Using the LMS, Coggno.com provides puts the power of accountability into your hands. You can assess the progress of individuals and even pinpoint problems that your online training may have in it. Using the LMS at coggno.com gives you, the trainer, the power to make your online training effective.