Syndicate Online Training Courses via the Coggno Partner Network

What is the Coggno Partner Network?

The Coggno Partner Network includes businesses, professional organizations, HR outsourcing firms, and other businesses that work with large communities that need access to online training. Our syndication partners syndicate online training directly from the Coggno Marketplace to their community via their own website. Our automated widget tools make the syndication process fast and easy. In fact, you can become a Coggno syndicator and start selling online training courses in a matter of minutes!

Why would my customers/community want these courses?

CoggnoÂ’'s online training Marketplace has over 1,000s of online courses on a variety of business topics and industries. Many of our courses, such as HR courses like sexual harassment, diversity, etc. are mandated by state & local or the federal government, or by insurance carriers to mitigate risk and exposure. So, your community is already purchasing and taking these courses. Now you can provide that service to them. Many of our courses also award Continuing Education Units.

Who has created these courses?

The Coggno Marketplace includes content creators that are domain experts and leaders in their respective fields, including human resources, safety, compliance, and other disciplines. You can review the profile and feedback on any content creator in the Coggno Marketplace, and decide which courses you want to offer.

What is the cost? Do we need to use any of our time/resources?

There is no cost to our syndicators that participate in the Coggno Partner Network. Coggno will even set up your own online training “store” on your website that includes your branding and visual identity. Coggno also provides our own sales and marketing resources on behalf of each syndicator, and works closely with you to maximize sales opportunities.

What about support issues?

Members of the Coggno Partner Network and their community have free access to Coggno'Â’s live support team for all support issues related to our online training courses.

How much can I make?

It varies, but some of our syndication partners are making 5 and 6-figure revenue numbers from the Coggno Partner Network. Check out our calculator tool on top of this page to get an idea of what you can make!

earning calculator Powered by Coggno







What is the revenue share we get from a purchased course?

Coggno partners can earn up to 30% revenue share, depending on the course title.

How do we get paid?

Payments are available on demand through your “Request Payment” button in your Coggno account settings. Coggno can issue a check for proceeds of your sales, or you can request that your funds are transmitted via PayPal.

How do I know which courses will be most desired/used by my community?

There are thousands of courses to choose from, and you can add or remove courses as you see fit, or as your needs change. Your Coggno representative can assist you in selecting groups of courses that suit your audience, and help guide you through the course selection process.