Learning Management System (LMS) Tour

Coggno's robust Learning Management System facilitates the creation, distribution and reporting of your training.

Nothing to Install or Upgrade

Create new, or migrate existing training materials Quickly and easily upload into the Coggno LMS Platform in Text, Audio, Video, PowerPoint, PDFÂ’s, Spreadsheets, Scorm.

Build interest and affinity for your training through SOCIAL INTERACTION between Administrator and Learners with Coggno's Communication and Collaboration features
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LMS Informational Tour

Coggno.com is a learning management system (LMS) designed for the administration and recording, reporting, tracking and delivery of informational and educational content. What makes Coggno.com unique is that it's built for you, the author of content and educational materials. It frees up valuable time and resources that you spend doing the distribution and follow-up process of the delivery of your online training materials.

What makes the LMS at Coggno.com unique?

Coggno’s LMS has unlimited potential for the publisher of online training courses, whether they are video, textual, PDF, SCORM, podcasts, webinars or many other formats. Its applications range from the simple delivery of a short informational course for new hires in a company that needs to train quickly and effectively to the complex administration of a high powered LMS. Coggno does it all.

Deliver Training Courses Granularly

One exciting feature to the LMS is the ability to build your online training coursework within Coggno.com and then deliver online training to individuals within your network. Delivering online training on a granual basis is a powerful way to manage the distribution of your online training with Coggno.com. Our LMS also makes it possible to get reports and test results from your individual users.