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Table of Contents:

Table of Contents for: Project Delivery Methods for Water & Wastewater Infrastructure, Design-Build and CMAR
1. Introduction
2. Terminology
3. Project Delivery Options Advantages/Disadvantages
4. Decision Considerations
5. Decision-Making Criteria
6. Success Factors
7. About WDBC

Table of Contents for: Conducting the Procurement Process for Design-Build and CMAR...
1. Introduction
2. Basic Project Delivery Methods
3. Decision-Making Matrix
4. Procurement Choices
5. Document Contents & Requirements
6. Evaluation & Screening
7. Procurement
8. Conclusions & Review

Table of Contents for: Managing Risk & Liability for Alternative Delivery Water / Wastewater Infrastructure
1. Introduction
2. Allocating Risks
3. Assessment
4. Risk Categories
5. Responsibilities
6. Schedule
7. Payment, Liability, Damages, Warranty
8. Plant Performance
9. Coordination, Uninsurable Limitation, Contracts
10. Collaborative Relationships
11. About WDBC

Included Courses:
project-delivery-methodology-for-water-wastewater-infrastructure-design-build-and-cmar Project Delivery Methodology for Water & Wastewater Infrastructure: Design-Build and CMAR

Understanding Design-Build and CMAR Project Delivery Methods provides the fundamental framework associated with alternative project delivery methods for the water and wastewater infrastructure. It is intended to provide knowledge and information about: The potential benefits and advantages, as... more

managing-risk-and-liability-for-alternative-delivery-water-wastewater-infrastructure-project Managing Risk and Liability for Alternative Delivery Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Project

Managing Risk and Liability discusses the risk allocation and liability in design-build and CMAR water infrastructure projects and offers practical suggestions for applying, where appropriate, key principles of allocating risks to the party best able to control or finance them. It defines: Ri... more

conducting-the-procurement-process-for-design-build-and-cmar-water-wastewater-infrastructure-projects Conducting the Procurement Process for Design-Build and CMAR Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Projects

Conducting the Design-Build and CMAR Procurement Process for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Projects outlines the major steps in which a successful procurement process for Design-build and CMAR projects for the water and wastewater infrastructure should occur. The contents of this video and ... more