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Management Bundle 1: Understanding How Managers Create Great Employees

Management Bundle 1: Understanding How Managers Create Great Employees

Author: CTP Training Solutions

Category: Online Business Training > Management

Creating the conditions for employee success requires thought and understanding of what makes the employee tick.  In this series of courses participants will explore the concepts of coaching and mentoring for success.  Exploring employee motivation, performance management strategies and how to de...

Keywords: professional development, personal development, leadership, Management, communication, team, coaching, mentoring, motivation

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Table of Contents:

1) Coaching and Mentoring
Course Objectives:
• Define coaching, mentoring and the GROW model.
• Identify and set appropriate goals using the SMART technique of goal setting.
• Identify the steps necessary in defining the current state or reality of your employee’s situation.
• Identify the steps in developing a finalized plan or wrapping it up and getting your employee motivated to accomplish those plans.
• Identify the benefits of building and fostering trust with your employee.
• Identify the steps in giving effective feedback while maintaining trust.
• Identify and overcoming common obstacles.
• Identify when the coaching is at an end and transitioning your employee to other growth opportunities.
• Identify the difference between mentoring and coaching.

2) Employee Motivation
Course Objectives:
• Defining motivation, an employer’s role in it and how the employee can play a part
• Identifying the importance of Employee Motivation
• Identifying methods of Employee Motivation
• Describing the theories which pertain to Employee Motivation – with particular reference to psychology
• Identifying personality types and how they fit into a plan for Employee Motivation.
• Setting clear and defined goals.
• Identifying specific issues in the field, and addressing these issues and how to maintain this going forward.

3) Performance Management
Course Objectives:
• Define performance management.
• Understand how performance management works and the tools to make it work.
• Learn the three phases of project management and how to assess it.
• Discuss effective goal-setting.
• Learn how to give feedback on performance management.
• Identify Kolb’s Learning Cycle.
• Recognize the importance of motivation.
• Develop a performance journal and performance plan.

4) Delivering Constructive Criticism
Course Objectives:
• Understand when feedback should take place
• Learn how to prepare and plan to deliver constructive criticism
• Determine the appropriate atmosphere in which it should take place
• Identify the proper steps to be taken during the session
• Know how emotions and certain actions can negatively impact the effects of the session
• Recognize the importance of setting goals and the method used to set them
• Uncover the best techniques for following up with the employee after the session

5) Team Building for Managers
Course Objectives:
• Discuss the benefits of team work
• Understand the importance of intentionally fostering teamwork
• Determine strategies your organization can take to build teams
• Understand the benefits of games and social activities in building a team
• Apply the principles of team building to your own organization

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