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AgilePM-FP:AgilePM® Project Management - Foundation and Practitioner

AgilePM-FP:AgilePM® Project Management - Foundation and Practitioner

Author: SkillSolve

Category: Online Business Training > Project Management

AgilePM® Project Management - Foundation and Practitioner    Accredited Course, Get an appreciation of Agile, Agility and  AgilePM® Project Management, a best practice for Agile project management. AgilePM® is the most popular agile project management qualification in the world – Tr...

Keywords: agile, agile project management, AgilePM, atern, dsdm, project management, apmg international, Project Manager, planning, Qualification, certification, agile practitioner

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Table of Contents:

Foundation and Practitioner - Course Content:

• 10 modules with associated engaging, motion graphic video presented lessons

• Notes to support each lesson and references to further suggested reading.

• Support materials and exercises to consolidate the learning

• Foundation level sample questions to test and embed the learning

• Practitioner level sample questions to test comprehension of the subject

• Eligible for 30 CPU/PDU points.

  • a) Describe Agile, Agility and list the various Agile approaches and an appreciation of why and when to use Agile Project Management.

  • b) Practical understanding of the underpinning philosophy, principles, lifecycle, products produced, techniques used, roles and responsibilities in an Agile project, including alternative configurations.

  • c) Help you to apply a variety of Agile practices in a project, e.g. Facilitated workshops,MoSCoW prioritisation, Iterative Development and Modelling. The Agile approach to managing and prioritising requirements.

  • d) Help you to become immediately productive as a member of an agile project environment.

  • e) Prepare you for a Foundation and Practitioner level qualification in AgilePM® Project Management.

  • f) Eligible for 30 Category - C PDUs or CPDs

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Any latest modern web browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox. If you have no choice but to use IE (Internet Explorer) then please ensure Document Type is set to IE Edge (and click on Play/Pause if the Video does not autoplay)

Included Modules:
  • AgilePM-M1:Introduction to Agile

    AgilePM-M1:Introduction to Agile This module provides an introduction to Agile, an overview of different Agile approaches and where Agile Project Management, based on DSDM, is positioned within the different Agile approaches.

  • AgilePM-M2: Agile Project Management - The Basics

    AgilePM-M2: Agile Project Management - The Basics Agile Project Management - The Basics :  This module provided a brief introduction to the basic components of Agile Project Management, the overarching philosophy and the eight principles that underpin the way Agile Project Management works.

  • AgilePM-M3:Roles and Responsibilities

    AgilePM-M3:Roles and Responsibilities Roles and Responsibilities This module identifies each of the Agile Project Management roles and explains the three main role categories of Project, Solution Development and Other. It also identifies key responsibilities for each of the individual roles.

  • AgilePM-M4:Preparing for Agile Project Management

    AgilePM-M4:Preparing for Agile Project Management Preparing for Agile Project Management: This module looks at the style of project management required for Agile Project Management. It confirms the constraints that need to be managed and what is seen as the main factors that are instrumental to delivering successful agile projects. The use... more

  • AgilePM-M5:Pre-Project, Feasibility and Foundation

    AgilePM-M5:Pre-Project, Feasibility and Foundation Pre-Project, Feasibility and Foundation: This module introduces the Agile Project Management Lifecycle and the Products produced over the Lifecycle. It then looks at the first three phases, Pre-Project, Exploration and Engineering and the products that can be produced within these phases in mo... more

  • AgilePM-M6:Evolutionary Development, Deployment and Post-Project

    AgilePM-M6:Evolutionary Development, Deployment and Post-Project Evolutionary Development, Deployment and Post-Project: The purpose of this module is to explain the Evolutionary Development, Deployment and Post-Project phases. As you have seen in the previous module, the Feasibility and Foundations phases are completed sequentially and set the ground rules ... more

  • AgilePM-M7:Techniques and Practices

    AgilePM-M7:Techniques and Practices Techniques and Practices: This module will look at each of the five techniques used in Agile Project Management, and especially the Daily Stand-up, to show how they all contribute to ensuring communication is effective. Each technique plays a part but when combined in a project ensure that ... more

  • AgilePM-M8:Agile Control

    AgilePM-M8:Agile Control Agile Control: This module will look at the many controls that are available to Agile Project Management and how each of the five techniques contribute to exercising an appropriate level of control over the project. It will look at Risk and how the use of Agile Project Management itself int... more

  • AgilePM-M9:Agile Planning

    AgilePM-M9:Agile Planning Agile Planning This module will concentrate on the style of planning and the maintainability objectives that need to be considered when planning. It will also consider how the two quality drivers of Process Quality and Solution Quality need to be addressed. Then each of the Planning products c... more

  • AgilePM-M10:Exam Preparation

    AgilePM-M10:Exam Preparation This module will look at the AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner exams and qualifications. You will learn the format of each exam, the styles and types of questions for each exam, and the best way to prepare for, and approach, the exams. The objective of this Exam Preparation module is to g... more

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