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Assertive Communication

Assertive Communication

Author: Mnemonic Design

Category: Online Business Training > Soft Skills

How to communicate assertively in the workplace, as opposed to aggressively. It uses a combination of video, acting, and real-life interactive scenarios to educate the learner while entertaining!

Keywords: assertive communication, business, soft skills, workplace communication, communication skills, how to communicate, communication

Table of Contents:

S1 Welcome
S2 Introduction
S3 Assertive vs. Aggressive Communication
S4 Why Assertive? 1
S5 Why Assertive? 2

S6 Example One
S7 Example Two
S8 Example Three
S9 Example Four

What Would You Do?
S10 What Would You Do? 1
S11 What Would You Do? 2
S12 What Would You Do? 3

S13 Wrap-up
S14 Congratulations