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totalView Behavior Based Interviewing Toolkit

totalView Behavior Based Interviewing Toolkit

Author: Vado Inc.

Category: Online Business Training > Soft Skills

Totalview™ Great interviewers are made not born ... said in a different way ... if you want recruiters and hiring managers in your organization to make great hiring decisions, they need the totalView™ online e-learning interviewer training! Interviewing is a skill, and just like becoming a ...

Keywords: VADO, totalView Behavior Based Interviewing Toolkit

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Table of Contents:

The 6 totalView Interviewing courses cover the following topics:

1. Interviewing Basics
2. Recognizing Behavior Responses
3. Evaluating Candidate Responses
4. Conducting Professional Interviews
5. The Blended Interview Process
6. The Legal Aspects of Interviewing: Important Note – these are the legal aspects of interviewing in the United States and may not apply to other geographies.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

This course work well with Internet Explorer (v 8 - higher), Firefox, and Google Chrome. Please make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed and that you are running the latest version of Flash Player, go to to check your version or get Flash We highly recommend at least 2-3 Mbps connection speed.

Included Modules:
  • Interviewing Basics

    Interviewing Basics Discover what interviewers must do to make a good hiring decision

  • Recognizing Behavior Responses

    Recognizing Behavior Responses Learn how to interview for a behavioral response

  • Evaluating Candidate Responses

    Evaluating Candidate Responses Find out how to evaluate candidate responses

  • Conducting Professional Interviews

    Conducting Professional Interviews Build your skills to conduct effective behavioral based interviews

  • The Blended Interview Process

    The Blended Interview Process Learn how to truly assess a candidate’s fit for the position

  • The Legal Aspects of Interviewing

    The Legal Aspects of Interviewing Understand what you need to know from a legal perspective when interviewing candidates