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110 Introduction to Personal Branding

110 Introduction to Personal Branding

Author: The First Few Seconds

Category: Online Counseling Training > Career Coaching

This important and foundational course will help to set the stage and allow you to understand the rest of The First Few Seconds' bundle of offerings. The content in the four courses and the self-paced exercises ensure you integrate what you learn are practical and worthwhile. By the end of th...

Keywords: interview, job, personal brand, personal branding, success, coaching,

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Included Modules:
  • 1.PersonalBranding Introduction

    1.PersonalBranding Introduction

  • 2.PersonalBranding What is personal branding

    2.PersonalBranding What is personal branding

  • 3.PersonalBranding Segmentation

    3.PersonalBranding Segmentation

  • 4.PersonalBranding Finding your brand

    4.PersonalBranding Finding your brand

  • 5.PersonalBranding Live your brand

    5.PersonalBranding Live your brand

  • 6.PersonalBranding Moving on

    6.PersonalBranding Moving on

  • 7.PersonalBranding Wrap up

    7.PersonalBranding Wrap up

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  • Personal Branding Be Generous Activity

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  • Personal Branding Reality Check Activity

  • 230.41 KB
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  • Personal Branding Survey Says Activity

  • 235.28 KB
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  • Personal Branding Time Audit Activity

  • 237.5 KB
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  • Personal Branding Values and Beliefs

  • 232.64 KB