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Compliance for Wearables [2016 Webinar Recording]

Compliance for Wearables [2016 Webinar Recording]

Author: Washington Laboratories

Category: Online Engineering Training > Electronics

Video Length: 60 minutes.  This webinar will focus on regulatory aspects facing wearable device manufacturers. The global market for these devices is expected to reach into the billions. EMC, Safety, Environmental factors will need to be considered for product developers and distributors.

Keywords: Compliance for Wearable, EMC, Safet, Testing requirementRadio Spectrum, RF Hazards, ROHS and Recycling requirement, Labeling & Language, FCC, CE, IC testing and certification

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Table of Contents:

Radio Spectrum
RF Hazards
ROHS and Recycling requirements
Labeling & Language
Testing requirement

Included Modules:
  • Compliance for Wearables - [2016 Webinar Recording] (Module)

    Compliance for Wearables - [2016 Webinar Recording] (Module) Video Length: 60 minutes.  Webinar Description By some estimates the Internet of Things will be comprised of over 26 Billion devices by the year 2020. A large part of these wireless wonders will be attached to people. Wearables are growing at a fast clip, from the first “Smart Watches” to B... more

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