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Introduction to Valves Basic Course (Course)

Introduction to Valves Basic Course (Course)


Category: Online Engineering Training > Other

Learn about valve components, designs and applications! Ideal for Oil and Gas, HVAC and every other industry!   Ever wondered: Why do we need so many different valve types? What kind of valve is correct for x,y,z application? What are the pros and cons of each valve...

Keywords: oil and gas, hvac, mechanical engineering, valve, petroleum engineering

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Table of Contents:

1.1 Welcome to the Course
1.2 Introduction to Valves
1.2 Valve Construction and Components
1.3 Ball Valve
1.4 Butterfly Valve
1.5 Diaphragm Valve
1.6 Gate Valve
1.7 Globe Valve
1.8 Pinch Valve
1.9 Plug Valve
2.0 Final Thoughts

  • Identify and name valve components.

  • Identify common valve types.

  • Know the characteristics and applications for different valve types.

  • And much much more!

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Suitable for SCORM 1.2.

Included Modules:
  • Introduction to Valves Basic Module

    Introduction to Valves Basic Module