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Understanding Investing - The Standard Package (UI)

Understanding Investing - The Standard Package (UI)

Author: Investanalitix

Category: Online Financial Markets Training > Asset Allocation

UI is our standard package. Here, you will have access to all six of our colourful coursework "Stations" and your travel pass will entitle you to take a tour of our imaginary city whenever it suits you. In this journey, you will meet many remarkable personalities, such as Gauss, Bernoulli, Cervan...

Keywords: Risk & Return, Risk Profiling, Diversification, Asset Classes, Bonds, stocks, property, Portfolio construction, simulation

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Table of Contents:

Station 1: Understanding Risk & Return
Station 2: Risk Profiling
Station 3: Diversification
Station 4: Asset Classes
Station 5: Portfolio Construction
Station 6: The Magic Black Box

Hardware and Software Requirements:

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Included Modules:
  • Station 1: Understanding Risk & Return (UI)

    Station 1: Understanding Risk & Return (UI) In this module, we will take you through a journey of imagining and visualising the relationship between risk and return, these quarrelsome and often misunderstood siblings of the investment world. You will see them in an entirely different light by the time you reach the end of this enlightening... more

  • Station 2: Understanding Risk Profiling (UI)

    Station 2: Understanding Risk Profiling (UI) Is the glass half full or half empty? That is the question!  Understanding Risk Profiling examines the diversity of human perception and particularly the paradox that while the same investment may appeal to one investor it may be equally unattractive to another. Personal preferences play a key... more

  • Station 3: Understanding Diversification (UI)

    Station 3: Understanding Diversification (UI) Understanding Diversification delves into the simple but wise age-old parable of not putting all one’s eggs in a basket. But are all eggs and all baskets created equal and how many eggs should we put in a basket anyway? To explore and answer these questions, we will trace the steps of a myster... more

  • Station 4: Understanding Asset Classes (UI)

    Station 4: Understanding Asset Classes (UI) Understanding Asset Classes continues the theme of diversification by focusing on the building blocks of investing, namely the many types of “egg baskets” and their classification and characteristics. These include cash, stocks, bonds, property and commodities and more "exotic" and less tangible ... more

  • Station 5: Understanding Portfolio Construction (UI)

    Station 5: Understanding Portfolio Construction (UI) Understanding Portfolio Construction is the stage on which all the actors introduced in Modules 1-4 can interact and perform! In this gathering, risk and return take on new personas and asset classes begin to behave in a manner that is different to when they were in isolation: Normally rambunctio... more

  • Station 6: Understanding The Magic Black Box (UI)

    Station 6: Understanding The Magic Black Box (UI) Understanding the Magic Black Box is a revealing glimpse into an essential tool of our study program: The silent engine which operates tirelessly behind the scenes, generating the dynamic numbers which allow us to create a lively variety of graphs, tables and diagrams for illustrating or elaborat... more