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It's Not About Price: Value Selling in Today's Markets Part 1

It's Not About Price: Value Selling in Today's Markets Part 1

Author: Sell More Now

Category: Online Marketing/Sales Training > Sales Training

Why do 18% of all salespeople sell more profitably and move more product than their associates? You'll find that answer plus 52 more right here. It's four hours of online training that your people can do on their terms and at their pace. They can call it up when and where they want. And, expect e...

Keywords: value selling, sales training

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Table of Contents:

 Are you a value-adding salesperson?
 Perceived value vs. performance value;
 The trouble with value propositions;
 Marketplace R&R: research and realities;
 What you should sell vs. what you do sell;
 When sellers make price the issue;
 The disadvantages to discounting;
 Premiums that buyers will pay.

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