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Social Networking Essentials Bundle

Social Networking Essentials Bundle

Author: DeltinaU

Category: Online Marketing/Sales Training > Social Media

Get all your essential social networking skills in one bundle! This bundled course includes condensed and comprehensive courses covering the "big four" social networks. Courses include: Twitter Essentials Facebook Page Essentials Google Plus Essentials LinkedIn Essentials T...

Keywords: social media, social networking, facebook, facebook pages, twitter, linkedin, google plus, deltinau

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Table of Contents:

Facebook Page Essentials Course:

1. Introduction to the Course

2. Creating a Facebook Page

3. Customizing and Optimizing Your Facebook Page

4. Facebook Page Settings and Features

5. The Facebook Timeline

6. Facebook Applications

7. Facebook Page Integration

8. Facebook Ads and Insights

9. Automating Facebook Tasks

10. Best Practices, Privacy, and Mobile

11. Conclusion: Some Additional Resources

Google Plus Essentials Course:

1. Introduction to the Course

2. Introduction to Google Plus

3. Google Plus and Google Services

4. Creating a Google Plus Profile

5. Google Plus Profile Links

6. Google Plus Features

7. Google Plus Settings

8. Google Plus Business Pages

9. Google Authorship

10. Google Integration

11. Best Practices, Privacy, and Mobile

12. Creating Custom Headers

13. Conclusion: Some Additional Resources

LinkedIn Essentials Course:

1. Introduction to the Course

2. Introduction to LinkedIn

3. Creating an Optimized LinkedIn Profile

4. Additional LinkedIn Profile Options

5. LinkedIn Features

6. LinkedIn Settings

7. LinkedIn Company Pages

8. Adding Products to LinkedIn Pages

9. Integrating LinkedIn

10. Promoting LinkedIn Pages

11. Connections and Engagement

12. Best Practices, Privacy, and Mobile

13. Conclusion: Some Additional Resources

Twitter Essentials Course:

1. Introduction to the Course

2. Overview of the Twitter Platform

3. Twitter Settings

4. Anatomy of a Tweet

5. Viewing and Adding Media

6. Leveraging Twitter Features

7. Integration and Automation

8. Promotion and Analytics

9. Finding Followers and Improving Engagement

10. Additional Marketing Tactics

11. Customizing Your Twitter Profile

12. Twitter Cards

13. Implementing Twitter Widgets

14. Twitter Buttons

15. Conclusion: Advanced Topics

Included Courses:
facebook-page-essentials-course Facebook Page Essentials Course

Create an impressive Facebook Page while learning methods and tactics to make your page a tool for business success. Facebook is still the most popular social networking site out there, with over one billion registered users. And research shows that over 40% of Facebook users actually want to ... more

google-plus-essentials-course Google Plus Essentials Course

Create a Google Plus Profile and Business Page while learning to leverage Google Plus for improved search results. Google Plus is not just another social networking site. It is a necessary part of any good search optimization strategy. Though Google Plus is growing as a social and professio... more

linkedin-essentials-course LinkedIn Essentials Course

Create an optimized LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Company Page while learning to leverage the main features of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a “professional” networking platform, most effective for business-to-business marketing, job searching, and recruiting. But LinkedIn can also be used to succe... more

twitter-essentials-course Twitter Essentials Course

Learn how to use Twitter to market your business through up-to-date, hands-on instruction of Twitter's main features. Used effectively, Twitter can out-perform other social media platforms, helping you generate leads, promote your products and services, and establish yourself as a thought lead... more