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Basic Community Policing

Basic Community Policing

Author: Indian Country Training Institute

Category: Online Safety Training > Other

This five-part course is designed to introduce tribal police officers to common issues in Indian Country and to the basic principles of community policing. The course introduces the social developmental skill building required for tribal communities to resist drug and alcohol use and abuse, and e...

Keywords: tribal, Indian Country, law enforcement, drug prevention, prescription drugs, inhalants, report writing, officer wellness, police training, public safety

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Table of Contents:

This five-hour long, self-directed online course includes five units:
1. Prescription, Synthetic and OTC Drug Abuse Awareness
2. Inhalant Abuse
3. Community Policing
4. Officer Wellness
5. Report Writing

Included Modules:
  • Report Writing

    Report Writing This course is designed to provide a refresher for police officer as it relates to writing effective reports. Tops will include examining the essential elements of field notes, essential elements of the narrative report, definitions of the NCIC short format thumbnail sketch, and an example of a ... more

  • Officer Wellness

    Officer Wellness The mental health of law enforcement officers is a critical issue. Those involved in law enforcement, and their families, are subjected to stressors unlike any other group in the U.S. This course was prepared “by cops, for cops” in hopes that the information gained here will encourage officers t... more

  • Inhalant Abuse Prevention

    Inhalant Abuse Prevention This course is designed to give the participant an overview of the problems associated with inhalant abuse. With this information, the law enforcement officer should be better equipped to recognize and interdict cases of inhalant abuse. In addition, participants should have a foundational awar... more

  • Community Policing

    Community Policing Community Policing from an American Indian perspective. This course offers a great overview of how Native communities can benefit from the management philosophy of Community Policing. Community policing on tribal lands must take into account aspects of law enforcement unique to Indian Country an... more

  • Prescription, Synthetic, and Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse Awareness

    Prescription, Synthetic, and Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse Awareness This course increases awareness of prescription, synthethic and over the counter drug abuse. The course covers such topics as prescription drug diversion, proper disposal, cough medicines and synthetic drugs such as K-2 Spice (synthetic marijuana), and bath salts.