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Search and Social Media Optimization Essentials

Search and Social Media Optimization Essentials

Author: DeltinaU

Category: Online Social Media Training > Social Media

Create a holistic search and social media optimization framework while learning how to optimize your content for everywhere it can be found online. It is no longer possible to separate search and social media optimization. A holistic approach is needed to optimize your content for all of the p...

Keywords: social media, social media optimization, search optimization, deltinau

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Table of Contents:

Lesson 1:
Introduction to the Course

Lesson 2:
How to Get Found

Lesson 3:
Where to Get Found

Lesson 4:
Preparing Keywords

Lesson 5:
Optimizing for Search Engines

Lesson 6:
Optimizing for Social Networks

Lesson 7:
Other Social Media Platforms

Lesson 8:
Optimizing for the Mobile Web

Lesson 9:
Creating Sharable Content

Lesson 10:
Making Content Easy to Share

Lesson 11:
Optimizing with Open Graph

Lesson 12:
Google Authorship

Lesson 13:
Rich Snippets and Microdata

Lesson 14:
Twitter Cards and Rich Pins

Lesson 15:
Creating an Optimization Framework

Included Modules:
  • Introduction to Social Media Optimization Course

    Introduction to Social Media Optimization Course This lesson provides an overview of the course.

  • Where to Get Found

    Where to Get Found This lesson touches on organic optimization methods while introducing the main places to “get found” online – setting the stage for the remainder of the course.

  • Preparing Keywords

    Preparing Keywords This lesson covers methods for gathering keywords that can be utilized throughout the rest of the course.

  • Other Social Media Platforms

    Other Social Media Platforms In this lesson, we discuss how to optimize content for blog posts, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

  • Optimizing for the Mobile Web

    Optimizing for the Mobile Web People search from mobile devices differently than they do from desktop browsers. This lesson explores search optimization tactics specific to the mobile web.

  • Creating Sharable Content

    Creating Sharable Content This lesson covers tactics for creating sharable content on social media platforms, blogs, and websites.

  • Optimizing for Search Engines

    Optimizing for Search Engines There is more to Google search than just finding websites – there are universal search databases and Google Plus results to optimize for as well. This lesson covers these topics as well as traditional and other types of search engine optimization.

  • How to Get Found

    How to Get Found This lesson discusses a holistic approach to search optimization that spans across search engines, social media, and the mobile web; and explains the organization of the course.

  • Optimizing With Open Graph

    Optimizing With Open Graph This lesson provides an introduction to the Open Graph Protocol, which is what social networking sites use to display content from your websites and blogs.

  • Rich Snippets and Microdata

    Rich Snippets and Microdata Rich snippets and microdata are used to improve how your content is displayed in Google Search. This lesson demonstrates how to use “structured” markup to take advantage of these features.

  • Google Authorship

    Google Authorship Google Authorship allows your information to display in search results alongside all of the content you author online. This lesson shows you how to set up and utilize Google Authorship.

  • Making Content Easy to Share

    Making Content Easy to Share In this lesson we discuss ways to make your website, blog, and other content easy for visitors to share, including how to create your own embed code.

  • Twitter Cards and Rich Pins

    Twitter Cards and Rich Pins Twitter Cards and Rich Pins give your content extra exposure in their respective platforms. This lesson demonstrates the markup that makes this type of exposure possible.

  • Creating an Optimization Framework

    Creating an Optimization Framework This lesson pulls everything together to help you create a holistic optimization framework based on your present online strategy.

  • Optimizing for Social Networks

    Optimizing for Social Networks This lesson discusses how search algorithms work within social networking platforms and how to optimize for them.

  • Icon-pdf
  • Keyword Preparation Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to help gather and place relevant keywords.

  • 79 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • Mobile Website Strategy Worksheet

    This worksheet can help you plan your mobile website.

  • 72.43 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • Media Upload Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to plan optimization for your uploads to YouTube and other media sharing sites.

  • 47.23 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • Open Graph Example

    This PDF demonstrates the open graph metadata used in the example from the course.

  • 44.17 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • Embed Code Example

    This PDF demonstrates the code used in the custom embed code used in the course.

  • 50.79 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • Optimization Framework Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to plan your own custom optimization framework.

  • 72.84 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • Optimization Resources

    This PDF contains links to the resources used throughout the course.

  • 48.13 KB