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Excel Everest: Free Demo Course

Excel Everest: Free Demo Course

Author: Excel Everest

Category: Online Software Training > Microsoft Office

Excel Everest: Free Demo Course   Excel Everest is an entirely different way to learn Excel. No, really. The whole Excel Everest experience takes place inside a giant interactive Excel workbook (called Excel Everest) that brings users step-by-step through 41+ business-critical topics, 160+ ...

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Table of Contents:

The full version of Excel Everest includes the content below. Try our Free Demo Course to get a subset!

1. Instructions and Introduction
2. The Essential Excel Basics
— a. A quick history of Excel
——— The Excel founders
——— The evolution of Excel
——— Other innovative work done in Excel
— b. Cells and some of their properties
——— Number types
——— How to move and autofill cells
——— Absolute vs. relative references
— c. The power of paste special
——— Paste options
——— Transpose function
— d. Basic to advanced formatting
———Colors and borders
———Text formatting
———Conditional formatting
— e. Sorting and auto-filters
———Sorting data
———Using auto filters
— f. Text to columns and find and replace
——— Text to columns
——— Find and replace
——— Combining these functions
— g. Hiding, adding, moving, and deleting rows and columns
——— Adding, moving, and deleting
——— Hiding and resizing
——— Grouping
— h. Shapes, objects, and pictures
——— Ordering, grouping, and selecting objects
——— Shapes, pictures, and object properties
3. Playing with formulas
— a. Text formulas
——— Quotes (“ “) and ampersand (&)
——— Right, left, and trim
— b. Basic math formulas
——— Sum, Count, and Average
——— Percentrank, Percentile
——— Rand and randbetween
— c. Vlookup
——— Overview of the Vlookup
——— Vlookup formula details
——— Key Vlookup mistakes
— d. If statement (logic formulas)
——— Overview of the IF statement
——— Nesting IF statements
——— Key utility in IF statements
— e. Statistical formulas
——— Average, median, mode, max, min
——— Correl, Stdev
4. Answering questions about numbers
— a. Charts and sparkles
——— Building your chart
——— Key charting use cases
——— Formatting your chart
— b. Pivot tables
——— Overview of Pivot tables
——— Key Pivot table use cases
5. Tips to make your Excel life Easier
— a. Email list, multiple tabs, F5 key
——— Making an email list
——— Working with multiple tabs
——— The F5 key
— b. Getting rid of duplicates
— c. The joy of keyboard shortcuts
——— Tab / Enter, and Navigation
——— Paste special
——— Cmd-Y for repeats
——— Cmd-T for reference type changes
— e. Basic macros
——— The concept of a macro
——— How to record and utilize basic macros
— f. Printing from Excel
6. Excel library of other resources
7. Scoreboard


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Hardware and Software Requirements:

Either a Mac or a Windows version of Excel is required to go through Excel Everest. We're able to supply versions of Excel Everest for all versions of Excel: Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2011, and Excel 2016

Included Modules:
  • Excel Everest: Free Demo Course

    Excel Everest: Free Demo Course Excel Everest: Free Demo Course If you'd like to give it a try ahead of purchasing the real course, test out our demos! First, watch the video by "starting" this course, and then download the appropriate demo workbook here: Excel Everest is ... more