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The Future of Learning System Games, Pt. 1

The use of an entertainment medium as an instructional learning system is increasingly under consideration and construction. From Second Life to Spore, virtual worlds and online video games are prime examples of learning systems whose primary purpose is entertainment. Although these two systems will need to overcome many problems in terms of both content and […]

Spore’s Effectiveness as a Learning System Apéritif

Is Spore truly effective for piquing kids’ interest in real-world scientific learning systems? This is just one part of the debate regarding Spore’s role as a learning system for kids. PC Gamer awarded the game a 91%, saying “Spore’s triumph is painfully ironic. By setting out to instill a sense of wonderment at creation and […]

Spore, An Evolutionary Learning System, Pt. 1

But just how accurate is Spore, and is it a legitimate learning system for kids? In October 2008, Science magazine organized a team to review the game’s treatment of evolution and other scientific concepts. The results helped teachers develop an idea of whether or not they should include Spore in their learning systems, and whether […]

Spore, A “God Game” Learning System 1

How would you like to create your own microscopic organism and develop into a complex, unique creature? Spore, a single-player game by Maxis, allows you to do just that. Spore has been called a “god game” by its creators and several journalists, and hailed by some educators as an innovative learning system. Spore allows a […]