By selling the sponsorship of an “ExecTweets” site to Microsoft on Monday, Twitter announced its entry to corporate marketing and learning systems.  ExecTweets is a page that compiles tweets posted by corporate executives, and features branding from Microsoft. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone wrote on a company web site that the […]

Ready, Set, Tweet: Corporate Learning System Semi-Finals, Pt. 2

As Twitter celebrates its three-year anniversary, its new deals with giant companies like Salesforce and BusinessWeek seem to hint at a sparkling future. And thanks to a new sponsorship agreement that Federated Media brokered with Microsoft, the service will begin generating funding that doesn’t come from a handful of venture capitalists. […]

Ready, Set, Tweet: Corporate Learning System Semi-Finals

The incorporation of Twitter into corporate learning systems hasn’t happened exclusively in media companies like BusinessWeek. Salesforce has recently constructed a CRM application for Twitter. The purpose of the Twitter-response tool is to help companies locate and assist customers who for whatever reason (like bad experiences in the past with […]

Twitter vs. Facebook: The Race for Corporate Learning Systems, Pt. ...

Even with its recent “facelift,” Facebook will need to keep a watchful eye on microblogging sites like Twitter in the race for attention in the business world, and inclusion in corporate learning systems. Companies like Salesforce, Best Buy and BusinessWeek have now incorporated Twitter postings into their revamped websites and […]

Twitter vs. Facebook: The Race for Corporate Learning Systems, Pt. ...

But Socialtext Signals isn’t alone in its Twitter-like functionality for company learning systems, geographically dispersed teamwork, and marketing purposes. “There’s a lot of standalone Twitter clones out there,” says Ross Mayfield, president of Socialtext Signals. “The difference with what we’ve done is bring an integrated experience across social collaboration tools. […]

Bringing Twitter into Company Learning Systems, Pt. 3