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By now you know that is an excellent option for you if you run an organization that needs an LMS to distribute a mass quantity of online training courses to your people wherever or whenever you need that training delivered. But if you already invest precious capital in an online training solution for your organization and are looking for ways to save money we invite you to consider the option that many of our clients take advantage of; Use the convenience of our powerful LMS to save money in your online training efforts. Many of our clients us our LMS to prepare their own specifically targeted training material that can be delivered anywhere your people are. You can use nearly any format of information such as word documents, flash files, pdf, ppt, scorm, jpg, etc. that you use in your training and upload it to our LMS. Once uploaded you can invite the members of your organization to take the online training and even test them online.

If you don’t have the time to prepare you own online training then you can simple browse the courses available in and assemble your own training from the courses already existing in our LMS. With thousands of courses already available in our learning management system and new courses added continuously you’re sure to find specifically targeted training that will meet the needs of your group. Of course, if you can’t find what you are looking for then you can prepare the online course yourself to meet the needs of your group.

Once you get your online training courses together you can brand them with your own company and invite your participants. What’s the cost for the convenience of a personally branded LMS specific to your organization? It’s free at

With the powerful learning management system provided by you can be in control of your online training. Why spend unnecessarily? Use and find out what hundreds of organizations have already discovered.