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Excel Everest: Interactive, Comprehensive Excel Training

Excel Everest: Interactive, Comprehensive Excel Training   Excel Everest is an entirely different way to learn Excel. No, really. The whole Excel Everest experience takes place inside a giant interactive Excel workbook (called Excel Everest) that brings users step-by-step through 41+ business-critical topics, 160+ interactive, auto-graded exercises, and there's a scoreboard to measure progress along the way. Oh, and what Excel training would be complete without a dancing bear? (click "the fun button" once you're in Excel Everest). If helpful, watch a video overview of Excel Everest.    Who is Excel Everest for?    Your orgnization or employees may be a fit for Excel Everest if:  You need a comprehensive Excel training that covers all the essential business Excel skills, and with unlimited access and upgrades.  You need a training that covers all of your versioning needs, on both Mac & PC, including for Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2016  You realize that the best way to learn a complicated program like Excel is not by watching videos, but by going through exercises right there in an Excel document.  You'd like to use the same Excel training for your organization that companies like Google and Eventbrite use for their employees.  You want accountability, and a way to measure not if someone has watched a video, but if someone has completed the skill right there in Excel.    What is the concept behind Excel Everest?    The entire concept behind Excel Everest is that you can learn by doing. As you go through this course, you'll be guided on how to download the Excel Everest workbook. When you open it up, you'll see an index page with a set of 21 buttons that link you to the various areas of the workbook. And in each topic area, you'll:    Learn why a specific concept is important, especially for being successful in a corporation  Grasp the details on the topic through written explanations Go through a set of interactive Excersies that are categorized according to difficulty (easy, medium, and hard)   Best of all, as you complete these exercises, they're graded, so you can easily keep track of your progress through the course, see which topics you've made the most progress on, and earn badgeds for certain milestones.    What are the outcomes you should expect?    As a user, if you go through Excel Everest, you'll be able to go from knowing nothing (for those who need it, we cover the absolute basics), to a deep understanding of all of the business critical aspects of Excel. In no time, you'll have your colleagues asking you to teach them how to do a VLookup or set up a Pivot Table on their behalf.    As a training manager, you'll finally have a training system that provides interactivity, accountability, and a bit of fun along the way. Even small Excel errors can cost organizations an enormous amount of time, and even worse, inaccurate data can get reported up the chain and used for key business decisions. If you have limited training dollars to spend, you should put them toward Excel. An error in PowerPoint or Word doesn't result in catestrophic business outcomes. Excel Everest will help train on what matters most.  

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QuickBooks 2016 Made Easy Training Tutorial

Learn QuickBooks Pro 2016 with this comprehensive course from TeachUcomp, Inc. Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy features 184 video lessons with over 9 hours of introductory through advanced instruction. Watch, listen and learn as your expert instructor guides you through each lesson step-by-step. During this media-rich learning experience, you will see each function performed just as if your instructor were there with you. Reinforce your learning with the text of our two printable classroom instruction manuals (Introductory and Advanced), additional images and practice exercises.  You will learn how to set up a QuickBooks company file,  pay employees and vendors, create custom reports, reconcile your accounts, use estimating, time tracking and much more. Whether you are completely new to QuickBooks or upgrading from an older version, this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a proficient user. We have incorporated years of classroom training experience and teaching techniques to develop an easy-to-use course that you can customize to meet your personal learning needs. Simply launch the easy-to-use interface, click to start a video lesson or open one of the manuals and you’re on your way to mastering QuickBooks.

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Learn Microsoft Project - Cost Management (expert)

Your MS Project skills are already on a high level but you did not work with costs yet? After taking this E-Course you will be able to value the projects cost and earned value applying (cost) resources, baseline and rates. Why THIS course? Many, many times we see that where project timing and resourcing is kept in MS Project and project finances are kept in Excel. Using the financial governance capacilities in MS project is often an unexploited area. This is waste, because only adding rates to resources will already bring you half way. MS Project can calculate anything for you directly from your schedule. The trick here is also to keep the right balance between the amount of input and getting valuable output. Remember MS Project is not meant to be accounting software, MS Project is a modeling tool which should deliberately simplify the reality. Accountants cannot permit to simplify. Neither will it serve as an invoicing system. What will we do in this e-course? Enter a project budget for main cost types, compare planned cost against actual cost. Predict eventual cost at project complete based actual progress, provide burn-down charts and earned value metrics to qualify the projects’ performance. All the things required to be able to perform quality cost control.

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Learn Microsoft Project - Resource Management (expert)

You are responsible for project planning and already have a reliable schedule? This E-Learning Course about resource management in MS Project will teach you to explain how the (un) availability of resources affects the project by applying MS Project’s resourcing features. What will you be able to do after the course? At this point you have a perfect model of your project that will forecast your main deliveries. By now, we can promise you that your schedule already outperforms 80% of the schedules being made throughout the world. It could be though that it is not realistic enough yet, as resources induce many additional dependencies. You could think of shortage of resources with a certain skill set, holidays, or responsibilities in other projects. If you or your organization require more, this step 4 will explain you how to achieve that. First of all, a resource is any means that needs to be used for tasks and thus projects to complete. Think of people with certain skills, test machines, facilities, money etc. Apart from resources there is a responsible person, who does not necessarily need to spend time on a task to complete. Resources should only be assigned to tasks, when doing this has a significant impact to the quality or duration of the schedule. Also note that as a communication means, a schedule could have different audiences: - Bottom-up – only use resources for those tasks that affect the critical path - Top-down – use resources for all your tasks as you use your schedule to communicate their workload and what is expected of them - The goal of planning with resources it to be able to determine what is needed of the variable parameter(s) to achieve the project goal: - Scope and timing with constrained resources - Timing and resources with constrained scope - Scope and resources with constrained timing - We will explain you how you can use the resource leveling features in MS project to explain for which of these three parameters you need help or a decision from your manager or steering committee.

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Learn Microsoft Project - Critical Path Management (advanced)

You are responsible for project planning and already have a basic plan in MS Project? After taking this course you will be able to construct a project schedule that forecasts your project reliably applying MS Project best practices and that is recalculated after only one edit. What will you be able to do after the course? The purpose for this Level 3 is to automate your schedule in such a way that it is: * Valid: It must produce accurate forecasts * Dynamic: It must update it self as much as possible. He estimates that for a 100 task / 3 month schedule about 50 hours of schedule maintenance is saved when you have a dynamic schedule. Only one change should be enough to calculate the rest of the model (just like you expect from Excel) Robust: It must be able to deal with multiple scenario’s, like scheduling forwards and scheduling backwards * Model: It must be a simplification of reality with only capturing those things that are important in this project – it should not resort into a checklist for all small activities * Forecast: Checklists, task manuals, meeting schedules, database of historical estimates are reasons to have schedules, but the primary reason should be to forecast your major milestones. Since this is our goal for this e-course "Critical Path Management" Maturity Level 3, we will focus on having a complete and correct network logic, minimize the use of date constraints, keep all completed work in the past and all work thats still needs to be done in the future. Four simple principles, that if maintained, will make you very happy with MS Project. But if not maintained, will guarantee a misbalance between the effort you put in your scheduling work and the benefits you reap from it.

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Learn Microsoft Project - Task Management (beginner)

You have only limited MS Project Scheduling skills? After taking this E-Learning Course you will be able to translate the total set of activities to complete your project scope into a MS Project work breakdown structure; complete and well-structured. The E-Course on Maturity Level 2 is about creating the backbone for your schedule, with tasks, summary tasks, but also with a baseline so you can already start learning from the quality of your estimates. You will learn a method to come up with estimates that have the right mix between being SMART and covering enough risk contingency. A custom view that you will receive from us will then tell you how good the estimates were. For instance, you could see that certain tasks always take about 30% longer, so you are able to determine the common cause and take measures to avoid this in the future. In this second e-course Maturity Level in our series of five, there is still little automatic behavior from MS Project that could jeopardize your mission to set up a comprehensive reporting cycle to your stakeholders. Instead, you will become very familiar with MS Projects interface to be able to make small changes fastly and accurately.

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Learn Microsoft Project - Milestones & Project Health - (beginner)

Do you want to learn Microsoft Project but you have NO prior experience with it? With this e-course for beginners you will be able to report your project status and major milestones using MS Project, complete and within 10 minutes. To make your life easier, we only focus on the most important buttons. What will you be able to do after the course? In this online training you will learn step by step how to provide a weekly status update to your manager or client on the overall project status and the expected delivery dates for your main deliverables. The complexity of MS Project is kept low as your main focus is to get familiar with the interface of MS Project and what the purpose of using this program is. There will be absolutely no reason why you should not be able to deliver a report to your stakeholders within one day after you finished the course, in a format they will love. This is the first Maturity Level in our series of five, after which you are a true heavy-weight in MS Project scheduling and after which you will have a project schedule and reporting structure that outperforms 95% of all the project schedules out there.

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Microsoft Word 2016 and 2013 Made Easy Training Tutorial

Learn Microsoft Word 2016 and 2013 with this comprehensive course from TeachUcomp, Inc. Mastering Word Made Easy features 193 video lessons with over 7 hours of introductory through advanced instruction. Watch, listen and learn as your expert instructor guides you through each lesson step-by-step. During this media-rich learning experience, you will see each function performed just as if your instructor were there with you. Reinforce your learning with the text of our three printable classroom instruction manuals (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced), additional images and practice exercises.  You will learn how to create basic documents, format text and images, create and use tables, templates, mail merges, macros and much more. Whether you are completely new to Word or upgrading from an older version, this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a proficient user. We have incorporated years of classroom training experience and teaching techniques to develop an easy-to-use course that you can customize to meet your personal learning needs.  Simply launch the easy-to-use interface, click to start a video lesson or open one of the manuals and you’re on your way to mastering Word.

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Microsoft Excel 2016 for Beginners - Master the Essentials

Master Excel 2016 For Complete Beginners In This Helpful, Info-Packed Video Course Easily learn Excel 2016 for complete beginners How to get Excel and installation requirements Helpful discussion of new features in 2016 Getting started with a Workbook Entering and editing data Creating charts and graphs How to create functions Protecting and securing your data All lessons in easy step-by-step format Practice with included exercise files Excel 2016 From The Beginning This course assumes you've never worked with Microsoft Excel in your life, or you are upgrading from a previous version. Your professional trainer will start you from the very beginning from installing the program to creating your first Workbook and entering data. Before you know it, you're using Excel 2016 like a pro with advanced functions. You will have the expertise you need to impress the boss at work. You can also use this essential application to accomplish all kinds of tasks for your personal life or business. If most Excel courses seem to be designed for people who already have experience with the program, this course will be a breath of fresh air. The videos keep things simple and carefully step you through each process. Contents and Overview This course starts with where to find Microsoft Excel and installing the program. Then you learn step-by-step, simple 1-2-3 methods for getting up and running with Excel 2016. Watch just the first few videos to have a basic knowledge of Excel. Then continue through the detailed 32 chapters of video lessons and 9 exercise files to gradually become a proficient user. It's important to note that we don't assume you know anything about Excel 2016. We start from the basics. After installation we discuss what is new with 2016, using Touchscreen, opening a Workbook, and how to use Help to get additional answers when you need them. Then we show you how to personalize Excel for your own use with exciting Excel Options. We discuss all the Ribbons and Toolbars, entering and editing data, backup and recovery, fill and series, and printing your projects. We also work with formulas, functions, sorting and filtering data, creating charts and graphs, and much more. Upon completion of this course you will know the essentials of Microsoft Excel 2016.  

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Quickbooks Pro 2016 Training - Manage Small Business Finances

Discover The Many Benefits of This Popular Accounting Program Have complete control over the accounting of your business Quickly create estimates, statements, and deposits Effortlessly keep track of incoming and outgoing payments Get all of the tools to become a well-run operation Feel confident when reconciling bank statements Use This Course to Learn How to Manage Your Accounts Without the Headaches No matter what your business does, and regardless of what market it's in, keeping an accurate set of books is essential. You should always want accurate records on hand. Why, you ask? Because inaccurate or disorganized business records can make it very difficult to file your taxes, or worse, get you in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. Using this easy-to-understand course on QuickBooks, however, will help you avoid any type of common pitfalls or mistakes. As you know, QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting programs available and is used with small businesses pretty much everywhere. You'll essentially be getting a comprehensive crash course on information flow, reporting, systems, accounts, income measurement methods, sales, payroll, banking cycles, and much more. That's why this course was created. To provide in-depth and industry specific information so that you can tailor your accounting system to meet your needs. So, if you're a small or medium sized business owner, or even a freelance accountant, you can use QuickBooks Pro 2016 to keep track of everything. From accounts payable, down to your receivables, expenditures, debts, and payments. All of this is packaged to make you feel confident and to help you maintain order as far as your financial situation goes. Overview and Contents With all of the course's content, this QuickBooks Pro 2016 tutorial will teach you about all of the important requirements and valuable fundamentals behind using this accounting software. Once you get set up, you'll quickly find out how you're business is doing. QuickBooks gives you multiple indicators to determine the health of your business and produces reports for you that makes sense of it all. Whether you work as an entrepreneur just trying to finish up some last minute paperwork, or you're a freelance accountant wanting to get more done in less time, QuickBooks handles it all. Its streamlined workflow helps you from beginning to end. This course was created for people that see the advantages of QuickBooks and want to learn how to use the latest version. Designed from the ground up for ease of use by both small business owners and professional accountants alike. Perfect for those who are looking for a comprehensive and organized method to doing their books. At the completion of this course, you will have advanced knowledge, and skills, and be fully prepared to use QuickBooks Pro 2016 for every single one of your accounting needs.      

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Master Quickbooks Pro 2015 the Easy Way

Save Time and Money by Learning This Popular Accounting Program Manage the Accounting for Your Own Small Business Create Estimates, Statements, and Deposits Keep Track of Payments and Bills Reconcile Bank Statements Manage Your Own Accounts With this Popular Program QuickBooks is a very popular accounting software package, used in small businesses throughout the world. It was developed and marketed by Intuit, and originally released in 1994. Over the course of its history, many convenient features have been developed, including the addition of QuickBooks Online, a subscription service that can replace the outright purchase of QuickBooks software, and QuickBooks Point of Sale, which is meant to replace a business's cash register and keeps track of sales receipts. If you are a small business owner, or a freelance accountant, you can use QuickBooks to keep track of accounts payable, receivable, to pay bills, to keep track of payments or debts, and to maintain organization in terms of your business or personal finance. Overview and Contents Over the course of 75 video lectures and more than seven hours of content, this QuickBooks Pro 2015 tutorial will teach you all of the necessary fundamentals of this popular and comprehensive accounting software. You will learn how to install and set up the QuickBooks software, beginning with creating a file for your company. With this basic knowledge, you can move forward to developing a chart of accounts, creating estimates and invoices, and organizing a variety of financial statements. By the time you reach the end of the lectures, you will be a skilled QuickBooks Pro 2015 user, able to complete the most necessary accounting tasks all in one organized program. This class is perfect for accountants or small business owners who are looking for a comprehensive and organized method for doing their books. At the completion of this course, you will be fully equipped to use QuickBooks Pro 2015 for all of your small business accounting needs.

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Master Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 the Easy Way

Discover the Powerful Features of This Popular Program Have complete control over your presentation's information Now have professional presentations for job or project Quickly create top-notch visuals for your audiences Feel confident and show off your new powerful slides Get all of the new tools to master presentation management Effortlessly add text, graphics, audio, video, charts, tables and SmartArt to your slides 6 hours of professional video with over 70 individual lessons that make everything clearer and easy to remember Practice what you learned with included exercise files Use This New Course to Easily Create Beautiful Presentations PowerPoint 2016 is by far the most popular presentation program in the world as it allows users to create, edit, and show illustrative presentations with the help of attention-grabbing slides. This crash course explains how you can combine the text, 3-D graphics, and multi-media to support your presentation-making needs. Using PowerPoint as a presentation tool is the way to go. Do you need some visual impact? Well, look no further. Because this course can show you how to take this program and make it do just that. In fact, making your presentation more interesting through the use of multi-media can only help improve your audience's focus. PowerPoint 2016 allows you to use your choice of images, audio clips, and videos to help you get your points across. These important sound effects and visual cues can also help a presenter like yourself, be more improvisational, and interactive, all of which is a very beneficial thing. This course essentially shows you why PowerPoint 2016 is the best and most complete presentation package available. It gives you 80 individual video tutorials that are quite in-depth. It also has exercise files so that you can practice the lessons you've learned. Everything you need is here so that you can learn how to produce a nice and professional-looking presentation. Once everything is finished, you can begin to prepare your talk. In fact, even if it went well but someone missed your presentation, you could still have them view it online at a time that's convenient for them. Simply upload your presentation to YouTube with everything featured in your work, including all of the slides, commentary, and transitions. So, whether you need processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, or more elaborate presentation management tools - it's all covered in this easy-to-understand course. You can not only create and modify your own presentations, but gain mastery on it eventually, too. All that is needed on your part is a little practice. Overview and Contents PowerPoint 2016 can be used in a number of different yet effective ways to communicate with your audience. Slides are completely customizable. Depending on your approach, you may want to have a presentation that's text-heavy, image-heavy, or some combination of both. Combining the two tends to give your listeners the benefit of both visual aids and notes all at the same time. PowerPoint 2016 also comes with many new features such as the brand-new transition type, Morph, that can help users make animations, transitions, and object movements across your slides. Pretty neat, right? This course covers that and so much more. It also shows you how to make presentations with alternative forms, styles, and custom layouts which are used by working professionals, teachers, students, medical practitioners, politicians, and countless others. They see the value in this unique course on PowerPoint 2016 as they want to know how to use it to quickly showcase their information and data. Perfect for those who are looking for a comprehensive and organized method to presentations. Great for those that want to add value to lectures, make more compelling speeches, or enhance studies and reports. So, what are you waiting for now? If you want to learn how to use the latest version of PowerPoint, then this is for you. At the completion of this course, you will have more knowledge, better skills, and be fully prepared to use PowerPoint 2016 for every single one of your complex presentation needs.

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Master Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 the Easy Way

Everything you need to turn ordinary photos into impressive masterpieces Whopping 15 Hours of Expert Instruction More than 120 Individual Video Tutorials Course starts right at the very beginning Everything is explained in clear detail Full coverage of basic functions in Photoshop Elements 14 How to use Photoshop Organizer efficiently Where to get great content Printing your photos so they look professional Working miracles with the Editor Speeding your projects with Quick Mode Practical retouching and enhancing techniques Includes exercise files to practice what you’ve learned Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 For Beginners We've all seen amazing photos of models, natural scenes, and events that look absolutely perfect. Somebody will say "It's been Photoshopped!" Now you can have the advanced skills required to use Photoshop Elements 14 like a pro. This big 15 hour course starts right at the very beginning showing you how to download the software and get it going. Then we carefully walk you through each and every step toward becoming a true Photoshop power user. Use these skills for your job, your hobby, or even start a new business. Many Photoshop courses are designed for people who have some experience using the application. While this course will be very useful to students with experience, it was designed for the person who has never worked with Photoshop before and knows nothing about it. Contents and Overview This course starts right at the very beginning with how to get PSE14 and install it. We review what is different in Elements 14 so those who have worked with the previous version can fast forward to the new functions they need to understand. In Chapter 2 you learn start up, the all important keyboard shortcuts that will greatly speed your work, and how to get answers using Help. We also set up your preferences so you can customize PSE 14 for your use. Next you learn how to use Quick Start. That is the perfect way for the beginner to see impressive results. This includes an exercise where you create a slide show worthy of a professional presentation. Next we learn the many functions of The Organizer including catalogs, media browser, timelines, instant fix, image properties and much more. We cover Acquiring Content and Printing before getting to the heart of PSE 14: The Editor. This is where you learn how to create a workspace and manipulate your content for desired results. Later we look at editing in Expert Mode. Along the way we study the often used Quick Mode where you can instantly remove red eyes, add effects, textures, frames, and auto smart tone. As you progress we study Guided Editing where you resize photos and perform guided edits on image properties. Later we work on filters, lighting, adding text, text effects, color effects and much more as we advance through the massive 15 hours of instruction that take you through every detail of Photoshop Elements 14.

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Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 – Advanced

Master Excel's Powerful Data Functions in this Information-Packed 9-hour Video Training. Personal and Professional Financial Functions Statistical Functions for Description, Prediction and Interference Connecting to External Data Tables, Charts and Pivots Data Analysis The Versatility of Excel If you have already been using Microsoft Excel then you know that the calculation, graphing and tables available help you track, manipulate and report important data. There is more to excel than a few SUMs, though, and this is the training course to get you into the advanced uses of Excel so you can really use the data and numbers you are tracking to your advantage. This course is designed for students that are already familiar with Excel, but wish to improve their skills and open the possibilities with this versatile spreadsheet program. Bring your basic knowledge of Excel 2013 or previous software versions to this class and learn how to reach the next level of database tracking and reporting. Contents and Overview Through 52 lectures, this course will take you through learning how to use functions in everyday work environments. Personal and professional financial functions are covered including payments, future value and depreciations. Students will learn statistical functions like averages, percentiles, and regression. In order to improve efficiency, students will also cover concepts for connecting to external data like other workbooks or web data; tables including style, selection and sizing. Pivot tables and data analysis will be key concepts helpful to the work environment. For help with reporting, students will learn surface charts, stock charts, radar charts and bubble charts and graphs. Lastly, students will cover important web applications. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create colorful charts and databases that communicate data and financial records efficiently and effectively. Students will be able to apply data to various reporting forms like tables, graphs and pivot tables in order to show important analysis like depreciation, percentiles and regression for use with strategizing and planning. Students who finish this course will have an advanced knowledge of the versatility of Excel that is immediately applicable to their work with the database.

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Learn Microsoft Word 2013 the Easy Way

With the newest version of Microsoft’s word processing software, Word 2013, you can do more than ever when it comes to creating high-end, professional quality documents. In this Learn Word 2013 video training course, our expert instructor will walk you through the exciting new features of Word 2013. Throughout this 9-hour class, you’ll learn the most effective ways to create sophisticated documents along with valuable time saving tips. Starting with the basics, you’ll discover the many new templates Word 2013 has to offer as well as new ways to work with media. You’ll learn to add pictures directly from the internet (without saving them on your computer!) in addition to inserting online videos and watching them inside Word. Next, you’ll see how easy it is to open and edit PDFs, and to align your graphics perfectly. Your instructor will also introduce you to the program’s features that make viewing documents more convenient such as read mode, resume reading, object zoom, and collapsible headings. Finally, you’ll learn how set-up your documents for collaboration using SkyDrive, Simple Markup, and the comments feature. Whether you need to create compelling reports, persuasive sales letters, or polished proposals, our in-depth Word 2013 tutorials will give you the skills you need to make a good impression on any audience.

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Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 the Easy Way

With the newest version of Microsoft’s presentation software, PowerPoint 2013, you can do more than ever when it comes to creating expertly designed slideshows. In this PowerPoint Training: How to Use PowerPoint 2013 course, our professional instructor will walk you through the exciting new features of PowerPoint 2013. Throughout this 9-hour class, you’ll learn the most effective ways to create polished presentations along with valuable shortcuts and tips for saving time. Starting with the basics, you’ll discover how to work with the colorful new PowerPoint 2013 templates and to design your own backgrounds from scratch. Then, you’ll learn to add images, hyperlinks, audio, and video for engaging slides and attention-grabbing animations. As you then learn to merge shapes, maximize smart guides, and use motion paths, you’ll master custom icon creation and accurately aligned graphics. Finally, you’ll see how to take your presentations to the cloud as you learn to save your work online and to publish to the SkyDrive. Don’t let technical difficulties get in your way. Prepare for every meeting by learning to size presentations in standard and wide screen layouts, and to run them on the web or via smartphones. From 10 minute slideshows to lengthy presentations, this PowerPoint 2013 training course will give you the tools you need to share your story effectively. Even if you’ve been making presentations for years, our tutorials will give you the inside scoop on new PowerPoint 2013 features that will take your work up another notch. Your presentations will look better than ever!  

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Learn Microsoft Outlook 2013 the Easy Way

Time is money. That’s why the more you get done, the more you’re worth! Microsoft Outlook 2013 helps you achieve more by simplifying email and contact management challenges. Used in many businesses, Outlook’s calendars, search options, contact tools, and email design features make it easy to create visually appealing messages and to keep up with everyday duties. In our Learn Outlook 2013 video training course, you’ll learn the secrets of super-star productivity. During 7 information packed hours, our expert instructor will guide you on maximizing Outlook’s email, contacts, tasks, reminders, and calendar functions. Learn to shave time off tasks with the preview messages in a list and custom workspace options. Utilize inline replies and Lync IM real-time chats for lightning-fast response times. Assign commands to messages by flagging and adding comments directly inside your message list. Set-up one-time or recurring appointments and upload attachments to the calendar. Keep your contact details in one central place by taking advantage of the People Card. And master the program’s Exchange and SharePoint features so you can give your team access to shared calendars and task lists. It’s a simple way to get organized so you can start getting more stuff done!

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MATLAB basics (Course)

Any researcher, industrialist , student or teacher who want to be known by MATLAB may join class to enhance his/her knowledge to have smart work culture of modelling and simulation in new era of technology and serve our society. Any one from industry or any field like education may join this course as this is not of any field oriented course , this is a tool specific course which is useful to all who is interested to learn it. there will be tutorials and assignment to analyse the level of participants learning. Course Key Takeaways: As there are many other courses who provide same platform to work in MATLAB but in this course i will provide hands on practice by using video tutorials, assignments, numerical tutorials, live projects to work with and lastly a problem solving program. Course Package: Kindly upload the files, i.e. 5 videos, 20 documents & assignment, that have been mentioned in the course "MATLAB Basics". presentations of explanation of each sections Specific detailing of all basics with examples. online tests and if any specific problem arises there will be more tests to clear dough assignments for practice of every section. and many more for clearing dough. Note: This course is going to be a duration as we as e--learning based course. In this course participants will find 50% course of 1 hr duration and 50% through PPT tutorials and videos.

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