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Videos & FAQs

Welcome! You can find everything you need here to get your training running on Coggno. Read the FAQs, watch video tutorials. If you still have questions, email us at support@coggno.com, we are happy to assist you.

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Getting Started with Coggno

Account set up and branding

Difference between modules and courses

Publishing in Coggno's marketplace versus using Coggno as your LMS

Creating Modules and Courses

How to upload a document

How to upload a video

How to upload SCORM

How to create a question bank

How to create an assessment

How to delete a module

For Trainees

What is Upgrade

Reports and Certificates


How to create a certificate


How to create an introduction

How to create a course

How to add attachments

How to create a survey

How to use calendaring

How to create certificates

What is Apply Changes

The Coggno LMS

Overview of Coggno LMS

How to create groups

How to bring learners to your LMS

What the activity tab is for

How to distribute modules to your learners

Selling in the Market Place

Publishing your curriculum for sale

Sharing a license to your curriculum

Accounting and your sales


Coggno's pricing and fees