Can I create tests for eLearning and Training, see reporting?


Coggno provides you with a host of Survey and testing tools that are part of the platform.

Use Survey tools to ask relevant questions that are not intended to be scored, but gather relevant information about your learners that you can collate, and represent in our reporting.

Also questions asked in surveys can automatically populate onto auto-send certificates. ( IE: Ask a licensing number in a survey, and it will populate automatically in a learners certificate of completion )

Use Coggno Question Banking and Assessment tools to create unlimited questions form 10 questions types. Place them in categories and sub categories, assign relative values, and then automatically drop groups of questions into assessments. Assign specific categories of questions, or automatically randomize your tests.

The key to the success of online training or participation in a learning management system is the ability to test participants and generate progress reports.

An LMS platform is only as effective as the administrators keeping track of the participants. The beauty of Coggno’s system is that it incorporates all the important functions of a superior LMS platform along with the ease of use that allows for the creation of testing and reporting based on the training needs of every group of learners.

Coggno’s platform allows administrators and editors to devise testing as needed for groups and individuals based on training materials. Participants are given the opportunity to “bank” their questions in order to get the answers they need when they are unsure of new materials. Managers are given the ability to write tests and quizzes that are interactive and meaningful, giving them accurate data on the effectiveness of training materials.

A learning management system would be incomplete without the ability to generate reports that give clear indications of employee progress as well as shortcomings. Effective reporting is necessary to gauge how well learners are engaging with the system, in addition to how well they are taking to the material. Coggno’s LMS includes a SCORM authoring tool so information can be shared among managers and administrators, giving accurate information about the efficacy of the LMS platform.

What differentiates Coggno’s LMS from its competitors is the ability to create and modify the system without the help of outside IT professionals. Everything from course creation, testing and reporting is easily accomplished in-house.

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