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Coggno has many different ways People can access your training courses.

Coggno’s Learning Management System and access to online training courses are designed to be extremely user-friendly, allowing access from just about anywhere as long as there is a high-speed Internet connection.

Individuals looking for a specific training course need only search the Coggno database for the courses they seek. Content creators are able to upload new materials and update existing materials through their Coggno accounts whenever needed.

Companies using Coggno’s LMS platform can easily create learning groups that can be customized to suit any need. Individuals are added to groups via invitation and are given privileges based on job title and educational needs. Users can even gain access through popular social media sites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Windows Live and Open ID.

What makes Coggno’s LMS platform so popular is its user-friendly interface and the ability to modify information quickly and easily. Ease of access gives both learners and administrators the ability to ensure that all aspects of training run smoothly and efficiently.


Retain as much control over access; or choose from Coggno's multi access point technology.

  • Upload a Spreadsheet of Learners
  • Create individual Learners
  • Invite Learners with auto-send email
  • Enable Sign-up and allow them to self register
  • Coggno integrates with Social Networking sites, like Google, FaceBook, Yahoo, and others- your learners can use their credentials to access your curriculum


Learners self register.

It’s simple. After purchase and they are instantly logged in and can begin taking your training immediately.

Limit access by number of views or elapsed time from first viewing