Who sees my online training | learning management system

Controlling who see’s your training is completely up to you.

A Coggno learning management system platform affords management the ability to configure access to materials any way it sees fit.

Once you’ve configured a curriculum, users are invited to access materials on a “need to know” basis. By simply signing in to the Coggno system, administrators allow access to materials based on individual need. The system offers the flexibility to make materials as public or private as needed. Authorized users simply sign in to the system to make modifications whenever necessary.

The progress of online learners is tracked through the system as they view materials and accomplish the tasks associated with their specific training. Administrators are given access to view their employees’ interaction with the LMS platform in real time, along with the ability to track how much time was spent on training modules, test scores and which components were viewed.

Learners can be given the ability to interact with administrators in order to facilitate Q&A as well as discussions about progress and test scores.


Your Training is Secure, only those you want will have access.

Great for use as your internal Learning Management System. Where all your organizations eLearning will reside.

  • Single source for your compliance training
  • Provide curriculum to your students
  • Create a Corporate EDU center
  • Train your Organizations Partners
  • Train your Outside Sales force
  • Train your external technicians



  • The Coggno Training Marketplace
  • Your OWN exclusive Web Shop
  • Available for optional Syndication too 1000’s of Web Publishers

A Complete eCommerce SOLUTION for distributing and SELLING your training courses online lots of selling features, like COUPONS, Live Webinars, volume discounting, MULTI-SALES through consolidated Shopping carts.