Devising Effective Training Courses on our Learning System: Tip #2


Devising Effective Training Courses on our Learning System: Tip #2

Coggno Inc. | Aug, 25 2008

Language is the filter through which we perceive the world. It would make sense to deduce, consequently, that a successful learning system considers that how you word you content is just about, if not just as, significant as what the content is.

This may not be as obvious as you imagine.

Not only should the concepts be communicated clearly, but it would be beneficial to convey them using positive and encouraging language as well (particularly at the beginning, when learners are most apprehensive). Presenting learners with even daunting tasks, when in lighthearted language, doubtless makes your learning system easier to digest. It’s all about perspective.

Refrain from incorporating elevated language into your learning management system until you’re sure your audience will understand.

Empathizing with your audience helps. Remember when you were taking, instead of authoring, courses? Learning systems aren’t all abstract thought! They include a psychological factor, which greatly influences the reception and impact of information. Please visit this article for further details on learning systems and language.

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