Workplace Compliance

HIPAA Security

Who Is Responsible For Enforcing The HIPAA Security Rule?

The responsible entity for enforcing the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules is The Department of Healt

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Training Requirements For Employees

Training Requirements For Employees

Companies that implement proper training programs encourage team retention to the point that 94% of

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sexual harassment training

The Importance Of Sexual Harassment Training

Several high profile scandals brought sexual harassment in the workplace into the spotlight during 2

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what is the purpose of HIPAA

What Is The Purpose Of HIPAA?

Initially introduced in 1996, the HIPAA legislation’s primary purpose was to increase healthcare i

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Human Resource audit checklist

The Benefits of Using Human Resource Audit Checklist

What is a checklist for Human Resources Audits? A Human Resource Audit Checklist (or HR Audit) is a

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who enforces HIPAA

Who Enforces HIPAA & How To Make Sure Your Business Is HIPAA Compliant

1. Who Enforces HIPAA? The enforcement of The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability A

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HIPAA awareness

How To & When Should You Promote HIPAA Awareness Effectively In Your Organization

Why should you promote HIPAA awareness? Following the introduction of the Health Insurance Portabil

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workplace safety training courses

Tips and Online Safety Training For Creating a Safe Working Environment

No one wants to get injured, but often we ignore best safety measures and workplace online safety tr

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sexual harassment

Involve Real Conversations During Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Isaac E. Dixon was conducting online sexual harassment prevention training to an all-male group of a

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