Concrete and Masonry Awareness Training: Why It’s Essential for Safety and Compliance

Concrete and Masonry Awareness Coggno

Concrete and Masonry Awareness Training: Why It’s Essential for Safety and Compliance

Anjali Dalal | Sep, 8 2023

Concrete and Masonry Training: A Deep Dive into the Key Topics

Our constructed environment is fundamentally made of concrete and masonry. They are the skeleton of many buildings throughout the world, from imposing skyscrapers to sturdy bridges and robust residential constructions. One cannot, however, exaggerate how crucial it is to comprehend their nuances and follow safe procedures. It is where concrete and masonry awareness training comes into play.

In this comprehensive blog, we’ll delve into the following: 

  • Significance of concrete and masonry awareness training; 
  • Exploring its benefits; 
  • Relevance; 
  • Coggno’s extensive course offerings


Understanding the Significance of Concrete and Masonry

Concrete and masonry are omnipresent in our daily lives, but their complexity often goes unnoticed.


The Foundation of Our Infrastructure

Concrete has remarkable strength and versatility. Approximately 10 billion tons of concrete are produced yearly to support various structures. Masonry creates aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound walls, facades, etc. 

Without concrete and masonry, our cities would not stand as we know them today.


Importance Of Safety

According to the OSHA, the construction industry accounts for significant workplace accidents and injuries. It can even cause fatalities if improperly handled. To reduce these hazards, training is vital.

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Importance Of Concrete and Masonry Awareness Training

Consider a construction project. It involves restoring a historic structure’s architectural integrity while transforming it into a contemporary office space.

Workers in this situation must be skilled at building new concrete components and knowledgeable about masonry repair and restoration. 

They can assess the condition of the original materials, choose the best restoration techniques, and ensure that the finished construction conforms with safety rules thanks to training in concrete and masonry knowledge.


The Benefit of Training

Concrete and masonry awareness training provides a structured and organized way. It educates individuals about working with these materials.


Enhanced Safety

Statistics show that a well-trained workforce significantly reduces the risk of accidents on construction sites. Workers are better prepared to protect themselves and their colleagues by learning about

  • Potential hazards; 
  • Safe practices; 
  • Emergency procedures.

OSHA estimates that for every dollar spent on training, employers can save $4 to $6 in accident-related costs. The value of safety cannot be overstated, both in human and financial terms.

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Increased Productivity

A trained workforce is a more efficient workforce. Workers can optimize their processes When they understand the properties of concrete and masonry. It improves project timelines and budget adherence.


Compliance with Regulations

Government rules and industry standards require worker training for handling masonry and concrete. Construction projects are done safely and following specifications when compliance is upheld.


Quality Assurance

Knowledgeable workers can identify and rectify issues with concrete and masonry early in the construction process. It prevents errors that can cost an arm and leg. Furthermore, it ensures the longevity of structures, such as bridges and high-rise buildings.

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Coggno – Your Gateway to Concrete and Masonry Awareness Training

Coggno offers several advantages, including:


Wide Range of Courses

Coggno boasts a vast library of concrete and masonry courses. These courses cover areas such as: 

  • Concrete mixing; 
  • Masonry techniques;
  • Safety protocols; 
  • Compliance with industry standards.


Accessibility and Flexibility

Coggno makes learning accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This flexibility means that individuals can access training: 

  • At their own pace; 
  • On their own time, 
  • From virtually anywhere


Accredited Content

Coggno collaborates with accredited training providers. It ensures that the courses offered meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.


Concrete and Masonry Course on Coggno

This course, authored by UL, provides essential knowledge to ensure safety during concrete and masonry construction. 

Course Objectives

The course objective includes:

  • Recall general safety requirements for concrete and masonry work.
  • Recognize safety requirements for tools and equipment commonly used in concrete and masonry construction.
  • Identify essential safety requirements for working with cast-in-place and precast concrete, lift-slab operations, and masonry construction.

Course Details

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Language: English and Spanish
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Bookmark: Yes
  • Audience: Employees

System Requirements

To ensure an optimal learning experience, please adhere to the following system requirements:


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome 11+ is preferred)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Apple Safari 8 or 9
  • Android Google Chrome (latest version)

Operating Systems

  • Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome (latest)
  • Mac: Mac OS 10.10 or 10.11, Apple Safari 8 or 9
  • iPad (Tablet only): iOS (latest version)
  • Android (Tablet only): Google Chrome (latest version)

Optimal Viewing

  • It is recommended not to use mobile phones for course playback.
  • Close all other browser windows for the best playback experience when viewing a course.

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FAQs on Concrete and Masonry Awareness Training


Q. Who should take Concrete and Masonry Awareness Training?

Anyone involved in concrete and masonry work, including: 

  • Construction workers; 
  • Contractors; 
  • Supervisors should take this training to enhance safety on job sites.


Q. How long does the training take?

Typically, the training lasts around 15 minutes. It’s designed to provide essential knowledge quickly and efficiently.


Q. Is there a certification upon completion?

Yes, participants usually receive a certificate upon completing the training. 


Q. Are there any prerequisites for taking this training?

No, there are none. It’s suitable for individuals at all construction industry experience levels.


Q. Can I access this training on my mobile phone?

No, course playback on mobile phones is not recommended. Accessing the training on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer is best for an optimal learning experience.


Q. Do I need any specific software to take the training?

No special software is required. You can access the training through web browsers like: 

  • Google Chrome; 
  • Microsoft Edge; 
  • Apple Safari


Q. Can I retake the training if needed?

Most training programs allow participants to retake the course if necessary. Check with the specific training provider for their policy on retakes.

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End Note

Concrete and masonry are the cornerstones of our infrastructure. Proper training is crucial to harness their potential.

By investing in Coggno courses: 

  • Individuals can enhance their skills; 
  • Employers can create safer work environments; 
  • Projects can be executed more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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